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1 Nov 2016
How To Receive The Best Cloud & Web Hosting Terms? Best Cloud Computing and Web Hosting Terms
The purpose of this Blog article is to provide advise to our prospective customers and anyone else who'd need a quality Cloud Computing or web hosting service, on how to get the best possible contract terms and service framework at reasonably low cost. We hope it will be helpful for those of you how have landed on this Blog page.
27 Jan 2016
Host Color's SEO Speaks About Our Fault-Tolerant Infrastructure & Cloud Services QSAN Enterprise Storage Area Network Hosting Solution
In an interview with HostSearch, our CEO talked about Host Color's fault-tolerant Cloud infrastructure, how it is built to guarantee 100% uptime, SLA guarantee, and about our Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds feature High Availability (HA) provisioned and managed with VMware Cloud computing platform.
27 Jan 2016
Enterprise Storage Area Network (SAN) Solutions For The Cloud QSAN Enterprise Storage Area Network Hosting Solution
Enterprise storage is expensive and any reliable business continuity Storage Area Network (SAN) solution usually cost thousands of dollars per month. The purpose of this blog post is to present the storage solutions of QSAN, offers to customers.
28 Nov 2015
SSD Dedicated Servers - Promotional Campaign SSD Dedicated Servers - Promotional Campaign
Our promotion on Dedicated servers with Intel data center family Solid Stated Drives (SSD) starts on Black Friday 2015, but will not end with Cyber Monday.
10 Feb 2015
Colocation Near Chicago. Fast Content Delivery Colocation Near Chicago In Midwest Data Center For Fast Content Delivery
It is important where is the physical location of the IT Hosting infrastructure and the web server used for content delivery. As far as the Colocation data center is from any given region (in our case this is Chicago area), as longer it takes for the content hosted in this Colocation site to be delivered to the The Internet users in this specific region.
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