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What does HostColor do? How do I find a service or product?

First, we would like to say that HostColor is an Edge Server Hosting service provider created in 2000. We specialize in providing Semi-Managed Cloud infrastructure and Bare Metal Server infrastructure.


What does 'Edge Hosting' mean?

'Edge Hosting', 'Edge-hosted', or 'Edge Server' means that the IT environment (server) is physically hosted very close to the data's source and the data's users. For example, a New York City edge server is a technology environment - a physical dedicated server or a virtualized server - that is hosted in a New York City data center, physically close to the data collection source, the organization that creates and processes the data, and the primary users of that data. Network latency - the time it takes for data to travel - between the Edge server and the applications hosted on it and their users must be between 1 and 5 milliseconds.


What does "Semi-Managed infrastructure" mean?

A 'Semi-Managed' infrastructure means that the provider does not take on the system administration of the client's server environment in full and does prevent your root access to it. The client is responsible for managing the infrastructure themselves.


HostColor's 'Semi-Managed' service level agreement (SLA) means that our administrators install the server environment to the client's custom configurations, reinstall the OS per request, configure the network settings, and help the client troubleshoot in case of any operating system, networking, or software configuration issues.


In other words, as a part of its 'Semi-Managed' services, HC provides the client with comprehensive server-side technology expertise, beginning with the OS and the general application framework environment and ending with the network configurations.


At the Network Edge

Therefore, HostColor specializes in providing hosting infrastructure services - cloud servers and bare metal servers (dedicated servers) at the edge - as close to your target audience as possible. If your organization needs a private IT infrastructure close to your office, HostColor will set it up in a local data center. If you need to provide website or application services in a specific metropolitan area, HC will provide you with a virtual or physical dedicated server, right there. You and your local customers would experience instant application delivery with an average network latency ranging from 1 to 5 milliseconds.


Cloud Infrastructure

We offer two types of 'Semi-Managed' cloud infrastructure services - Public Cloud Servers and Hosted Private Cloud. The Public Cloud Servers are used for hosting websites and delivering publicly available application services. They feature public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and custom security configurations based on software application and client requirements. The 'Hosted Private Clouds' are IT infrastructure environments inaccessible through the public internet. They are created to host internal organizational technology workflows. Authorized users access them through custom-built virtual private networks (VPN) tunnels created and managed with custom security policies.


Cloud Servers are also good for business-class mail servers, but not for email marketing or sending unsolicited email messages. HostColor delivers public cloud servers from data centers in Ashburn Virginia, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Seattle, Toronto, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Singapore, Zurich.


All Public Cloud Servers and Private Clouds hosted in our Dallas, Texas data center are failover-protected by default and feature unmetered data transfer on 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps bandwidth ports. In the event of an outage, the failover protection function allows for seamless switching of all workflows to a fully mirrored and synchronized copy of the cloud server, ensuring continuous operation. There is no need to reconfigure network services or change other settings and software configurations. Cloud server plans feature free technical support. Prices start as low as $15/mo.


Check out the categories below to pick a cloud infrastructure service.


Cloud Hosting (Home Page) | Public Cloud Servers | Hosted Private Cloud | Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure


Edge Servers

If you need a server in a physical dedicated server in a specific location, review the section Edge Servers on the HostColor.com home page. You will find direct links to all Edge locations where HostColor offers Edge bare-metal servers. Alternatively, to review our Edge service locations go to the top horizontal menu, click on "Dedicated Hosting" and choose "Edge Servers" from the drop-down menu.


It is important to note that all standardized bare metal server configurations in our Edge Servers are managed through SSH only. There is no IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) available. One significant advantage of these Edge Server plans is that they feature high bandwidth network connections ranging from 5 Gbps to 30 Gbps, with no fees for data transfer.


Check out the Edge data center locations below to pick a Bare Metal server.


United States: Albany, NY | Albuquerque, NM | Amarillo, TX | Ashburn Dedicated Servers | Atlanta, GA | Austin Texas Dedicated Hosting | Bend, OR | Billings, MT | Birmingham, AL | Boise, ID | Boston Edge Dedicated Server | Casper, WY | Cedar Rapids, IA | Charlotte, NC | Chicago Dedicated Servers | Cincinnati, OH | Cleveland, OH | Dallas Dedicated Server | Denver Dedicated Server | Detroit, MI | El Paso, TX | Fresno, CA | Honolulu, HI | Herndon, VA | Houston Dedicated Server | Indianapolis Dedicated Server | Jackson, MS | Jacksonville, FL | Kansas City, MO | Las Vegas, NV | Little Rock, AR | Los Angeles, CA | Madison, WI | Miami Dedicated Servers | Minneapolis, MN | Nashville, TN | New Orleans, LA | New York Dedicated Servers | New York City Edge Server | Omaha, NE | Tustin, Orange County, CA | Philadelphia Dedicated Server | Phoenix, AZ | Pittsburgh, PA | Portland, OR | Raleigh, NC | Sacramento, CA | Salt Lake City, UT | San Antonio, TX | San Diego, CA | San Francisco Dedicated Server | Santa Clara, California | Seattle, WA | Spokane, WA | St. Louis Dedicated Servers | Tampa, Florida Edge Server | Tulsa, OK


Canada: Toronto, Ontario | Montreal, Quebec | Vancouver, British Columbia


Europe: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Dedicated Servers | Copenhagen, Denmark | Frankfurt, Germany | Hamburg, Germany | London Dedicated Server | Milan, Italy | Munich, Germany | Oslo, Norway | Paris, France Dedicated Servers


South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina | Sao Paulo, Brazil


Asia: Singapore | Japan Dedicated Servers


Other Dedicated Servers

As previously stated, an Edge server is distinguished by its proximity to the local market and the low latency network for local internet users who use applications and services hosted on this server. In addition to the Edge locations mentioned above, HostColor offers a range of dedicated hosting solutions, categorized by various criteria. Here are our dedicated servers categorized by bandwidth rate.


1 Gbps Unmetered Dedicated Servers | 10 Gbps Servers | 20 Gbps Servers | 30 Gbps Servers | 100 Gbps Dedicated Servers