High Performance Hosting

Host Color's web hosting plans are designed for write intensive applications and high performance websites. We host your data on a Storage Area Network (SAN), which is both very fast (delivers more than 600K random IO/second for high IOPS) and Fault-Tolerant, as it has built-in protection that safeguards your hosting account under any circumstances without performance impact.
Unmanaged Plans Storage SAN Hosted Sites IP Address SSL Certificate SSD Storage Data Transfer Price/Month Annual Payment
Custom Hosting Fault-Tolerant On Demand On Demand On Demand On Demand On Demand from $2.90/mo Order Now
Blog Hosting Fault-Tolerant 1 website Shared IP Add-on 10 GB SSD 1000 GB from $4.99/mo Order Now
CMS Hosting Fault-Tolerant 3 websites Shared IP Add-on 20 GB SSD 1000 GB from $7.99/mo Order Now
Social Website Fault-Tolerant 5 websites Dedicated IP Yes 30 GB SSD 1000 GB from $9.99/mo Order Now
ECommerce Hosting Fault-Tolerant 7 websites Dedicated IP Yes 40 GB SSD 2000 GB from $12.99/mo Order Now
Multi Domain Fault-Tolerant No Preset Limit Dedicated IP Yes 50 GB SSD 3000 GB from $19.99/mo Order Now

Our Web Hosting Technology

Host Color's High Performance Shared Hosting services are delivered from an enterprise Cloud computing infrastructure. Find out more.

Fast Speed & Low Latency

It starts with the Network. Host Color's network AS46873 is among those with the most Peering agreements in Midwestern U.S. This means shorter round-trip delays and fast content delivery for your websites and applications.

Application Optimized Storage

We mean it. HC storage infrastructure is really fast. Our SSD-based enterprise storage delivers more than 600K random IO per second for high IOPS demands and stable 6,200MB/s for substantial performance requirements.

Secure Website

Most web hosting plans come with Dedicated IP address & Domain Validated SSL certificate. They make your hosting account more secure and independent.

Enterprise Data Protection

Our Storage Area Network (SAN) has built-in protection to reduce any possible impact risks of disk failures. It features instant rollback when virus attacks or accident deletes.

Double PHP Memory Limit

We double the PHP memory limit for your web hosting account to 256 MB (the standard is 128 MB). This means improved stability even for the most resource demanding scripts and PHP applications.

Commitment & Business Integrity

We have commitment to quality. Host Color has been a quality IT hosting provider since 2000 and for all those years we have never misled a customer about technical scope of our services.