Host Color - Midwest Cloud Hosting Network AS46873

Fast App Performance

Our distributed edge networks are optimized for real-time data processing and instant application delivery to the local metropolitan areas. HostColor does not charge you for IOPS, DNS zones, DNS queries, and overage data transfer. Take full control over your network and data transfer costs!

HostColor's Edge Networks Locations

HostColor operates one of the largest distributed networks for providing US Dedicated Servers. See our Edge Servers POPs locations.
U.S. NORTHEAST / New England
Boston (Cambridge), MA
Edge Network (Bare Metal) Ping:
Edge Network (Cloud IaaS) Ping:
U.S. NORTHEAST / Middle Atlantic
Albany, NY - Edge Network (Bare Metal) Ping:
New York City
Edge Network (Bare Metal) Ping:
Cloud Server Network Ping:
New York Metro
Edge Network 1 (Bare Metal) Ping:
Edge Network 2 (Bare Metal) Ping:
Edge Network (Cloud IaaS) Ping:
Edge Network 1 (Bare Metal) Ping:
U.S. South / South Atlantic
Miami, FL
Edge Network (Bare Metal) 1 Ping:
Edge Network (Bare Metal) 2 Ping:
Edge Network (Cloud IaaS) Ping:
Raleigh, NC - Edge Network (Bare Metal) Ping:
U.S. South / South East Central
U.S. South / West South Central
Los Angeles, CA
Edge Network (Bare Metal) Ping: Cloud Server Network Ping:
San Francisco, CA - Edge Network (Bare Metal) Ping:
South America
Infrastructure Hosting Services by Data center Location
Cloud Infrastructure: HostColor's main infrastructure POPs for providing Fault Tolerant Public Cloud Servers and Hosted Private Clouds are Dallas, Texas and Detroit Michigan. Other HC's U.S. cloud infrastructure locations are Ashburn, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, Phoenix, and Seattle. Our Public Cloud Servers hosted feature High Availability.
In Canada, we deliver cloud services from Toronto and Montreal. In Europe HostColor provides various public and private cloud infrastructure services from Amsterdam, Frankfurt (2 data center locations), London, Paris, Sofia, and Zurich. In Asia, our main Cloud hosting service POP is Singapore.

Main Network POPs

Our Most Used Networks & Data Centers
Midwest Dedicated Servers - Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Omaha, St. Louis.


HostColor's edge networks save your organization tens of thousands of dollars on network administration and data transfer fees. We help our clients deliver lightning-fast application services with the lowest possible network delay - from 1 ms to 5 ms to the local market. Our clients get the best possible cloud network services with 100% network uptime & 24/7 support.
100% Uptime Network, SLA guarantee

100% Uptime Network

Our NOCs deliver services using Tier 1 networks with the lowest possible round trip delays (RTT) in the U.S. and all over the world.
Solid, High Qaulity IT Infrastructure

100+ Edge Data Centers

Our clients have instant access to one of the world's largest a distributed networks of Edge Bare Metal and Cloud Servers.
VMware based infrastructure platform

Better Than The Cloud

Be closer to your clients. Deliver app services with a 5 ms network delay or less and pay less than on any major cloud.
Commitment & Excellent Business Record

Semi-Managed IaaS

Take advantage of our Semi-Managed Cloud & Edge Servers. Rely on our experience. We manage IT environments for 24 years.

Distributed Edge Network - What Makes A Difference?

HostColor (HC) is an ARIN member with AS46873. We operate our own Cloud network and deliver a networking service on your dedicated servers of the highest possible quality.
Well Connected Internet Network

Well Connected Network

Our Internet network is among those with the most peering agreements in Midwestern U.S. We use multiple routes to offer the lowest possible round trip delays (RTT) to any point in North America.
Premium SLA

Premium SLA

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees that you use high quality, network. If we fail to fulfill our commitment, we always issue credit to our dedicated server clients.
Bandwidth or Data Transfer

Bandwidth or Data Transfer

It is important for you to understand how Host Color's networking service works. Choose a certain bandwidth commitment in Mbps or go for metered data transfer.
Network Performance Analytics

Network Performance & Traffic Analyzer

Do you need to understand your inbound and outbound traffic? We can help you to monitor data transfer usage by: Application, User, Protocol and Location.
Virtualization ready Midwest Dedicated Servers


Have you considered to use any virtualization technology? Consult it us if you need help. We will provide advise at no cost and will choose the best option for your project.
Midwest Managed Website & Secure IT Hosting Environments

Security is Important

We have been managing IT environments for almost two decades. Open Support Ticket to tell us more about your project. We will help you to secure your dedicated server.