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Virtual Private Servers

Proxmox VE-powered Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Choose VPS Windows or VPS Linux with a fast SSD disk or solid SATA HDD storage. Get a virtual hosted server with data protection in your preferred geo-location. Choose a U.S. virtual data center between Detroit, Ashburn, Dallas, Phoenix, and Frankfurt, Germany.

Virtual Server Hosting with SSD Storage

Our SSD-based Virtual Private Servers feature high performance. The SSD VPS Hosting plans use enterprise-grade Solid State Drives with sequential read/write speeds of up to 560/520 MB/s and random read/write speeds of up to 98K/28K IOPS.
Plan Cores Location RAM Storage Data Transfer IPv4 IPv6 OS Cost/Month
U.S. SSD VPS 1 1 Core 2 GB 20 GB SSD 2 TB 1 IP Add-on Linux $9.95 Order
U.S. SSD VPS 2 1 Core 4 GB 30 GB SSD 2 TB 1 IP Add-on Linux $15.95 Order
U.S. SSD VPS 3 2 Cores 6 GB 40 GB SSD 3 TB 1 IP Add-on Linux $25.95 Order
U.S. SSD VPS 4 2 Cores 8 GB 60 GB SSD 5 TB 1 IP Add-on On Demand $32.95 Order
U.S. SSD VPS 5 3 Cores 12 GB 80 GB SSD 6 TB 1 IP Add-on On Demand $48.95 Order
U.S. SSD VPS 6 4 Cores 16 GB 100 GB SSD 8 TB 1 IP Add-on On Demand $65.95 Order

Virtual Private Servers with SATA Storage

Review the Virtual Private Servers with SATA storage and click on the "Order" button to configure the VPS server to your exact specifications.
Location Plan Cores RAM Storage Data Transfer IPv4 IPv6 OS Cost/Month
U.S. SATA 1 1 Core 1 GB 20 GB HDD 1 TB 1 IP Add-on Linux $4.95 Order
U.S. SATA 2 1 Core 2 GB 40 GB HDD 2 TB 1 IP Add-on Linux $9.95 Order
U.S. SATA 3 2 Cores 2 GB 50 GB HDD 3 TB 1 IP Add-on Linux $12.95 Order
U.S. SATA 4 2 Cores 4 GB 60 GB HDD 4 TB 1 IP Add-on On Demand $18.95 Order
U.S. SATA 5 3 Cores 6 GB 80 GB HDD 5 TB 1 IP Add-on On Demand $28.95 Order
U.S. SATA + 4 Cores 8 GB 100 GB HDD 6 TB 1 IP Add-on On Demand $37.95 Order

Virtual Hosted Server - VPS Windows & VPS Linux?

There are differences between virtualization technologies, which result in the way the virtual private servers work. If you need to use burstable memory (RAM) you would better choose a Linux Containers-based virtual server. If you need a fully isolated Virtual Machine that uses Windows OS, get KVM VPS. There are also some other things to consider:
vCPU Cores

Virtual Private Server - vCPU Cores

One virtual CPU core is equivalent to 1 physical CPU core. You can add virtual CPU cores to any VPS plan when you need processing power. On some occasions, you might need to upgrade the VPS plan itself.
Storage Type

SATA & SSD VPS - Storage Type

Some of our VPS use SATA storage others do SSD on different Storage Area Networks (SAN). Choose storage type in the VPS order customization page. Chose SSD or SATA storage.
Bandwidth or Data Transfer

Bandwidth or Data Transfer

It is important to understand how data transfer works. Choose metered data transfer or any bandwidth commitment in Mbps.
Network Performance & Traffic Analyzer

Network Performance & Traffic Analyzer

Do you need to understand your inbound and outbound traffic? We can help you to monitor data transfer usage by Application, User, Protocol, and Location.
Access & Security

VPS Security

Consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which would allow you to limit the access to you Virtual Dedicated Server from specific IPs, devices and locations.
Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS Hosting Management

We have been managing servers for more than two decades. Sign up and open a Support Ticket to tell us more about your project. We will help you to secure it.

Virtual Server Hosting - Questions & Answers

Where will be my VPS hosted?
We deliver Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting services from various data centers worldwide. Our default location is HostColor's Midwest U.S. data center located near Chicago (in South Bend, Indiana).
Can I ping or check the VPS network latency?
Yes. Please use HostColor's Looking Glass to ping our network and trace your route to our virtual server infrastructure. Please note that, if you ping or trace the route from your computer, both depend on your internet service provider.
Does HostColor (HC) offer fast Internet connectivity?
Yes! Our network - AS46873 - is among the most connected ones in the Midwestern U.S. We are proud to offer U.S. national peering and the shortest possible routes to 60 million Internet users in the Midwestern United States. What does all this mean to you? It means that your clients' websites and apps will enjoy the lowest possible round trip delay to any point in North America and fast connectivity worldwide.
Do you do uptime monitoring my VPS, website and apps?
If you use an Unmanaged VPS we will not monitor the server uptime, the OS availability, or the applications installed on your server. Please make sure that you are using an uptime monitoring tool. There are various statistical and service monitoring tools available in the server management panel. We suggest you to review and use them.
Do I expect fast internet connectivity to my VPS?
Yes! HostColor's network is very well connected. We offer U.S. short routes to 60 million Internet users in the Midwestern United States and nationwide. This means that your websites and applications hosted on the virtual server will be delivered to their users with very low round-trip delay to any point in North America. If your clients and users are located on other continents, we are still a good choice for you, but you might consider using our U.S. East coast, European, and Asian (Singapore) virtual data centers, or to use a content delivery network (CDN).
Is there a GUI control panel to manage my virtual server?
Yes! It is a ProxCP panel that allows you to manage multiple virtual private servers from one graphical dashboard. It features:
- Virtual server management controls and live server status
- Resource usage graphs
- A firewall management interface for each KVM-based or LXC virtual server
- IPv4 and IPv6 network manager
- Private networking management for communication between your servers
- IP-based access control to further secure accounts
- HTML5 noVNC console for out-of-band management
- Domain management directly in ProxCP with forward DNS
- Set reverse DNS on IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
- NAT VM support with port forwarding and domain forwarding
- Create and restore backups
- Rebuild your virtual private server from a template or ISO file
- Two-factor authentication support with Google Authenticator

The virtual server management dashboard displays the use of CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, and data storage. The administrator can see the current uptime, the hostname, the primary IP address, Operating System, and the VPS Node, to which the virtual server is added. There are also graphical buttons "Server Start", "Shutdown Server", "Restart Server", and "Kill Server".
Does HostColor offer Managed VPS?

Yes, we do. You can add a Management service on the VPS customization page. Our standard managed service for virtual servers is $50 per hour. If you need us to work for more than 2 hours per month on your virtual private server, we can give you a discounted fee.

If you have purchased a Management service, we will be monitoring your virtual server uptime. Our VPS management service is aimed at keeping the virtual server up and running and making sure that the OS, web server, and mail server are up and running or in case of a failure to restore them as soon as possible. Please note that it is your responsibility to monitor and troubleshoot the applications that run on your VPS. In case of application downtime, our support team will do their best to return the unavailable app back online. However, you should know that we apply a "Best Effort" policy to application management on the Managed VPS accounts.

Do I get 24/7 support for my VPS?
Yes, our VPS clients receive 24/7 support. The best way to receive support and fast resolution is to open a Support Ticket in the Account Management Area. We usually respond fast to Support Tickets. You can also use our LiveChat. If you use Unmanaged VPS, please use your server management panel and the control panel you have chosen to install/reinstall or troubleshoot your virtual server, OS, and installed applications.