SaaS Hosting for your Cloud Hosted Applications

We reduce your costs for building and maintaining on-premise IT infrastructure. HostColor creates, a secure, custom-built cloud environment for your software applications. Host software apps used for your private workflows or deliver public service to your clients.
Public Clouds

Application Hosting

Seamless and serverless hosting services for modern business SaaS-based applications. Avoid expensive and complex technology models. With HostColor you have full control over the technology used by your application, over the monthly recurring costs, and most importantly over the privacy of your data. Unlike the major clouds, we guarantee data privacy. Your data is your own private property on HostColor's infrastructure.
High Availability

SaaS Hosting

We create a safe and secure SaaS Hosting environment for your business applications. HostColor guarantees the operational continuity of your business-critical software apps and eliminates unwanted technology service outages through our Automated Failover SaaS hosting infrastructure solutions. We offer you 3 different scenarios that increase the availability of business applications used for public and private workflows.
Fault-Tolerant SAN

Go Serverless!

With our Hosted Applications, you have zero server-side management efforts. We create and maintain the cloud infrastructure that hosts your app, and support it. Avoid software application lock-in. There is no need to be dependent on the software developers who built your SaaS-based software to troubleshoot applications and the hosted environment you use or to pay thousands of dollars per month for system administration.
Cloud Management

Instant App Delivery

Create a custom and secure technology environment for your private applications and workflows. Your organization's internal Private Apps are hosted in an edge data center, as close as possible to your work environment. HostColor ensures less than a 5 ms round trip delay to your Hosted Private Apps.
Infrastructure On Demand

Fault-Tolerant Storage

HostColor provides scalable Cloud and Edge Hosting infrastructure to host your applications as close to their users, as possible. HC guarantees an application delivery with up to 5 ms of latency, that covers up to 97% of U.S. business demand. We help you to create a custom Edge Virtual or Edge Bare Metal software environment with the operating system, services, databases, and software stack required for your hosted application.

SaaS Hosting

Failover-protected Cloud hosting environment for your software apps.

Serverless Apps

You have zero server-side management efforts. We host and manage for you.

Hosted Private Apps

Your custom security and access policy applies.

Apps For Public Services

Fast content and application service delivery.
Most Used
WordPress Hosting Infrastructure | LibreOffice | NextCloud | Nginx | Grafana | GitLab |
E-Commerce CMS
Magento | PrestaShop | OpenCart
Blog & CMS
Pubvana, Dotclear, Serendipity, b2evelution, Textpattern, SitePad, Nibbleblog, HTMLy, Nucleus, Chyrp, Flatpress, PivotX, Leafpub
Portals & CMS: Joomla, Drupal, Open Real Estate, Concrete CMS, MODX, e107, Xoops, CMS Made Simple, PHP-Fusion, Geeklog, Compose, Zikula, WebsiteBaker, SilverStripe, PyroCMS, ProcessWire, Tiki Wiki CMs Groupware, Subrion, TYPO3, Contao, GRAV, Sitemagic CMS, ImpressPages, Quick.CMS, Redaxscript, PopojiCMS, OctoberCMS, Microweber, ImpressCMS, WonderCMS, Monstra, phpwcms, Open business Card, Bludit, PluXml, SiteCake, Pimcore, liveSite, Kopage, TYPO3, WBCE CMS, Mahara, Bolt, ExpressionEngine, Fork, Jamroom, Pagekit, Kirby, Typesetter, CSZ CMS, WinterCMS, Fiyo CMS, Directus, razorCMS, NukeViet CMS, Token, Atlantis CMS, ClassicPress, Backdrop CMS, Plikli CMs, Coogo, Cotonti, Pluck, Zenario, LEPTON, Hotaru CMS, Anchor, CMSimple, SCHLIX CMS, appRain, CeniXCMS, Saurus, Precurio, ClipperCMS, Wolf CMS, SofaWiki
Forums & Online Community Software
Simple Machines Forums (SMF) |
Image Galleries
Social Networking
Ad Management

App Hosting Service

SSD Hosting - Fast Speed and Low Latency Network

Fast Speed Web Hosting Service

SSD Hosting is not enough. Fast speed depends on the network. Host Color's network is among those with the most Peering agreements in Midwestern U.S. This means shorter round-trip delays and fast delivery of your content and fast loading websites and apps.
Application Optimized Storage

Application Optimized Storage

We mean it. Host Color's Storage Area Network (SAN) is really fast. Our SSD-based enterprise storage delivers more than 600K random IO per second for high IOPS demands and stable 6,200MB/s for substantial performance requirements. it means extremely fast SSD Hosting.
Secure Website

Secure Website

Most website hosting plans come with Dedicated IP address & Domain Validated SSL certificate. They make your hosting account more secure and independent.
Enterprise Data Protection

Enterprise Data Protection

Our Storage Area Network (SAN) has built-in protection to reduce any possible impact risks of disk failures. It features instant rollback when virus attacks or accident deletes.
Higher PHP Memory Limit

Double PHP Memory Limit

We double the PHP memory limit of your cPanel Hosting account to 256 MB (the standard is 128 MB). This means improved stability even for the most resource demanding scripts and PHP applications.
Commitment and Business Integrity

Commitment & Business Integrity

We have commitment to quality. Host Color has been a quality IT hosting provider since 2000 and for all those years we have never misled a customer about technical scope of our services.

HC - Among The Best Application Hosting Providers

Why HostColor is one of the best Application hosting service providers?
100% Storage Uptime

100% Storage Uptime

Your data is hosted on a fault-tolerant Storage Area Network (SAN) with built-in protection that safeguards the information under any circumstances without performance impact.
Highly Availability Cloud Hosting

Highly Availability Cloud

High Availability (HA) is not an average computing service. HA reduces IT service unavailability in an event of OS or physical host failure. 95% of the Cloud services you'd find don't support it. We do! It is a value-added service to your Cloud servers.
Automated Fault-Tolerance

Fault-Tolerance (100% Uptime)

Automated Fault-Tolerance eliminates the risk of a service outage. It provides continuous availability (100% uptime) for your websites, apps, and workloads in an event of application unavailability, OS failure, or physical host failure.