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2 Jan 2021
Cloud-hosted Alternatives Of Microsoft Office 365 Suite Office 365 Cloud Suite Alternatives
Office Suites" is a pack of software programs created for personal and business productivity such as creating text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, image processing and more. The purpose of this publication is to present some very good, cloud hosted alternatives to Microsoft Office 365, which are less expensive and feature increased privacy.
12 Mar 2020
How Hosted Private Cloud Helps Us To Avoid Business Disruption? Private Cloud Provides Business Continuity
A number of companies have already activated their procedures for remote working and sick pay due to the global spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). At times of major business disruption one of the most important things for every organization is to have is a business continuity system, a Private Cloud with a online collaboration system.
1 Mar 2019
Serverless Computing? A Fancy Phrase for Managed Hosting Service What is Serverless Computing?
What is Serverless Computing? Well, it is nothing. As its name suggests, it is pure speculation. It is a phrase that refers to Cloud computing and to a specific service on the Cloud where the service provider takes responsibility to manage the It infrastructure for its clients.
15 Feb 2019
Cloud Comparison. AWS vs Azure vs Host Color Compare Cloud Servie Providers
Small and middle-sized business owners very often feel perplexed by the way the major Cloud providers design, implement and deliver Cloud computing services. The reason for that is very simple - the major Clouds intentionally adopt IT service models which make possible for them to charge as much as possible for Cloud infrastructure services How do we avoid being overcharged for Cloud services?
4 Feb 2019
Where Did Cloud Computing Come From? Cloud Computing - Origins
"Cloud Computing"!? Nowadays, this phrase is broadly used to describe a technology that sounds confusing for a few generations of human beings born in the analog era. Why would anyone use the word "cloud" to describe any technology?
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