16 Nov 2016

High Uptime - Websites and Apps That Do Not Go Down

High Uptime Websites & Apps

Interruptions of IT services of any kind and downtime on websites and applications create serious setback for businesses. Could we avoid them?

Yes there is a technology service called Failover, that offers different IT scenarios, which either reduce IT hosting and application service downtime or completely eliminate it. In this article we will feature two types of Failover services which are available on the HC Cloud Infrastructure and which we believe are the delivered from the most reliable and mature and Cloud computing platform - the one of the VMware. It is important to add that both require virtualization and are available as Platform as a service (PaaS), which means that they allow businesses to develop, run, and manage any kind of technology environments and applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the physical computing infrastructures.

High Availability

High Availability (HA) is a software solution that increases availability of computer instances on the Cloud, rather than preventing their unavailability or failure. HA minimizes any possible service outage of Cloud based, virtualized computer systems and reduces application downtime. How does it work?

It monitors Cloud computing instances (Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds) to detect a failure on the underlying physical infrastructure or a failure on an Operating System level. This means that if anything happens with the physical server or if there is a software issue inside the computer system that affects the normal workload, the High Availability restarts the instance on a different physical host, part of the Cloud computing infrastructure.

As a result of that the Cloud server or Cloud personal computer return online automatically. All technology services, applications and workloads resume shortly. The process is automated and there no need of a manual system reboot.

High Availability is available by default, at no additional fees, to all Public Cloud Servers, on HC Cloud. It is also available as an add-on service to all Private Clouds and Hybrid Clouds.

Automated Fault-Tolerance

This is a Cloud computing service that guarantees continuous availability? Unlike the High Availability, which reduces any service outage, the Fault-Tolerance function provides 100% IT service uptime for websites, applications and all workloads in an event of cloud server failure.

The Automated Fault-Tolerance (AFT) creates a live shadow Cloud server (Failover Cloud computing instance), which is completely synchronized and always up-to-date with the primary one. In an event of any outage, Operating system or software interruption, the AFT automatically starts the failover Cloud server, ensuring zero downtime and preventing data loss.

Automated Fault Tolerance is available for all Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds on Host Color's Cloud infrastructure as an additional service.

If you need a Cloud service, have a question or just wonder whether to use Cloud computing for your business, please contact Host Color and tell us what can we do for you.