Managed Hosting Services - Why Us?

It is simple. We pay attention to details and deliver exceptional Managed Hosting services. HC provides you with system and technical administration on your Managed Website account, network, and system administration, and other managed services on your Managed Cloud Servers Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers. Find out why you choose HostColor's Managed infrastructure.
Managed Hostign services with Built-in Data Protection

Get Built-in Data Protection

When you use Managed Hosting services or Managed Websites, your data is hosted on a Fault-Tolerant Storage Area Network that features built-in data protection. The FT SAN safeguards the information against data loss.
Managed Websites & Managed Wordpress Hosting that make you more money

Managed Hosting, Makes You More Money

Our Managed Hosting services and Managed Websites allow you to focus on growing your business, while we provide you with system and technical administration at lowest possible reasonable cost.
Managed Website Hosting with Application Optimized Performance

Application Optimized Managed Websites

Our SSD-based enterprise SAN delivers more than 600K random IO per second for high IOPS demands and stable 6,200MB/s for substantial performance requirements.
Secure Managed Cloud Hosting, Managed Website and Apps

Secure Websites & Apps

We use the best practices to secure you Managed Public Cloud, Private Cloud Server of physical computing instance.
Fast Content Delivery

Fast Content Delivery

Your Managed Cloud Hosting account is hosted on HC network, which has more than 70 peering agreements. This means shorter round-trip delays and fast content delivery.
HC Commitment & Business Integrity

Commitment & Business Integrity

We have unwavering commitment to quality. Our Managed Hosting services guarantee that, you'll have a well-optimized IT environment. HC has been a honest Managed service provider since 2000.