Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) Plans

Unlike the Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers the VDS are created with a simulation of the physical hardware. The Virtualized Servers are still dedicated hosting instances, but they offer more flexibility due to the fact that they are created with a virtualization technology. The VDS can be moved on the Host Color Cloud seamlessly without major interruption of the services. You can get a Windows Virtual Server or to choose any kind of Linux OS. They all come with full root access, use Cloud storage and are connected to 100 Mbps Internet ports on our fully redundant, SLA guarantee network. Click on "Order Now" button and you will be able to configure your VDS on the customization page to your exact specifications.
Plan OS vCores vRAM SAN Storage Data Transfer Port IPv4 IPv6 Cost/Month
VDS 1 On Demand 1 vCore 2 GB 50 GB SATA 3000 GB 100 Mbps 1 IP up to /64 $30 Configure & Order
VDS 2 On Demand 2 vCores 4 GB 100 GB SATA 4000 GB 100 Mbps 1 IP up to /64 $60 Configure & Order
VDS 3 On Demand 3 vCores 8 GB 200 GB SATA 5000 GB 100 Mbps 1 IP up to /64 $120 Configure & Order
VDS 4 On Demand 4 vCores 16 GB 400 GB SATA 6000 GB 100 Mbps 1 IP up to /64 $240 Configure & Order

Linux & Windows Virtual Server - What to Consider?

The main difference between the physical Dedicated Servers and the VDS is that VDS can be scaled up in CPU, RAM and Storage at any time. You can start with a less computing resources and increase them on the go. Choose your server carefully by:
Linux or Windows Virtual Server - vCPU

Linux or Windows Virtual Server - CPU

1 vCPU is equivalent to 1 physical CPU. However, as an infrastructure computing provider. Host Color has the flexibility to increase vCPU allocation to your Linux of Windows Server at any time. We just switch the VDS and then switch it on.
 VDS - Storage Type

VDS - Storage Type

All virtualized Linux and Windows Servers use network storage. Our Storage Area Network (SAN) has different type of storage. Chose between enterprise SSD, SAS or SATA storage based on your apps and the amount of work that needs to be done.
VDS Dedicated Hosting - Bandwidth or Data Transfer

Bandwidth or Data Transfer

It is important to understand how data transfer work. Choose a certain bandwidth commitment in Mbps or go for metered data transfer.
Network Performance Analytics

Network Performance & Traffic Analyzer

Do you need to understand your inbound and outbound traffic? We can help you to monitor data transfer on your Linux or Windows Server by: Application, User, Protocol and Location.
Secure IT Hosting Environments

Access & Security

Consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which would allow you to limit the access to you Linux or Windows Server from specific IPs, devices and locations.
Managed Hosting Services

Managed Services

We have been managing IT Hosting environments for almost two decades. Sign up and open a Support Ticket to tell us more about your project. We will help you with IT management.

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See our Data Center

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Network AS46873

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