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HostColor Supports Open Source Projects

Open-Source Projects Support Program

In an effort to show its support and appreciation for the open-source communities that develop L.A.M.P. stack-compatible software applications, (HC) launched a donation program to support their projects. If you are a FOSS developer, contact us to discuss how can we support your project. You can also join as HostColor Affiliate On ShareASale Network and we will give you special terms, valid for open-source projects, only.
As a part of the "Open-source Projects Support Program", we have announced that HostColor starts donating to Open-Source Web Hosting Control Panels The developers of server automation control panels - CentOS Web Panel (CWP), Vesta, Froxlor, aaPanel, Webmin, Virtualmin, Ajenti, Sentora, Blueonyx, Easy Hosting Control Panel (EHCP), i-MSCP, ApisCP, ZesleCP - are one of the first eligible to join the "Open-source Projects Support Program".
HostColor has also started partnership with Peppermint OS open-source project. HC is providing public cloud server hosting to Peppermint in its U.S. and European virtual data centers and plans supporting various activities of the OS project. See the announcement - HC Provides Cloud Server Hosting to Peppermint OS

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Your Account & Data are hosted on a Fault-Tolerant Storage Area Network, protected agains interruptions of the services. So, you're always up!
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