1 Mar 2019
Serverless Computing? A Fancy Phrase for Managed Hosting Service What is Serverless Computing?
What is Serverless Computing? Well, it is nothing. As its name suggests, it is pure speculation. It is a phrase that refers to Cloud computing and to a specific service on the Cloud where the service provider takes responsibility to manage the It infrastructure for its clients.
15 Feb 2019
Cloud Comparison. AWS vs Azure vs Host Color Compare Cloud Servie Providers
Small and middle-sized business owners very often feel perplexed by the way the major Cloud providers design, implement and deliver Cloud computing services. The reason for that is very simple - the major Clouds intentionally adopt IT service models which make possible for them to charge as much as possible for Cloud infrastructure services How do we avoid being overcharged for Cloud services?
4 Feb 2019
Where Did Cloud Computing Come From? Cloud Computing - Origins
"Cloud Computing"!? Nowadays, this phrase is broadly used to describe a technology that sounds confusing for a few generations of human beings born in the analog era. Why would anyone use the word "cloud" to describe any technology?
02 Oct 2018
High Performance Web Hosting. What is this? High Performance Hosting System
High Performance Hosting is a term that describes a web hosting account which has the capability to handle a website load much higher than the average rate in a certain niche. In this article we use the term to describe "High Performance Shared Hosting", or in other words a Virtual Hosting environment, where the computing resources are shared between a number of accounts and clients.
10 Sep 2018
Unmetered Dedicated Servers Bandwidth & Data Transfer Unmetered Dedicated Servers - Bandwdith or Data Transfer
Unmetered Dedicated Server or Unmetered Server is a term that describes a Dedicated Hosting service, in which a physical or a virtual computing instance is connected to a certain Internet connectivity port and the used data transfer isn't accounted in the service price. Does it worth to using one?
1 Sep 2018
Do You Need Web Hosting, Cloud & Dedicated Servers in Europe? How Google Ranks Your Website On Important Keywords
Some of you might know, some of you might don't that Host Color has been operating its own European entity - Host Color Europe (HCE) since 2003. As of September 2018 HCE operates Cloud Infrastructure and offers Dedicated Server Hosting in 23 European cities and data centers.