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9 Sep 2021
3 Essential Web Hosting Features In 2022 And Beyond Web Hosting Features 2022
There are some essential features that a web hosting service needs to offer to website owners, so it can be considered a reliable and high-performance one.
24 Jul 2021
What Kind Of WordPress Hosting Works Best For Your WP Website? Managed WordPress Hosting
Let's start this post with a resolution. Then we'll explain how have we got there. The answer to the question "What kind of WordPress hosting works best for your WP website?" is "Managed WordPress web hosting". So, our advice is "Do not try to save money on WordPress site management!"
21 Jul 2021
Getting Tricked By "The Best" Web Hosting Services of The Year? Best Web Hosting 2021
The "Best Of" is one of the most popular genres in web publishing. People are advised by many web publishers which services or product would be the best to buy. Is there a problem with such publications? Yes! A big one! They are a tabloid form of technology journalism and are not based on knowledge's careful examination or quality. So is there really a best web hosting service?
29 Jun 2021
Kubernetes Cloud Hosting For Better App Management Kubernetes Cloud IaaS
What is important about Kubernetes is that it applies an application-centric approach to cloud computing infrastructures. It creates a distributed infrastructure environment and arranges the deployment, management, and scaling of software applications. On an infrastructure level, it allows for creating application containers across a cluster of either physical or virtual servers.
10 Mar 2021
Distributed Web Hosting for Web 3.0 Websites Distributed Website Hosting
The introduction of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) has made it possible for new generations of distributed websites and distributed web hosting.
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