from $19/month

Cloud Server Hosting

You have found arguably the Best Cloud infrastructure services on the market. Our Public & Private Cloud VMs come with fast SSD storage. HC does not charge you for IOPS, DNS zones, DNS queries, or for each 1 GB data transfer. Our Cloud IaaS plans feature free infrastructure support.
Public Cloud Private Cloud

Managed Web Hosting | Cloud IaaS | Dedicated Hosting

Take a look at HC best-selling Managed Web Hosting, Cloud Servers and Dedicated Hosting plans.
Managed Site


Get a Managed site hosted on a Cloud infrastructure. Save time & increase revenue!
Cloud Website w/ System Administration
Technical Administration (1 hour/month)
10 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Data Transfer
Dedicated IP Address
CyberPanel or CWP Control Panel
Domain Validated SSL Certificate
from $29/mo
Managed Website
Virtual Private Server


VMware-based Cloud instance for websites & apps. SATA or SSD storage with fault tolerance.
Virtual Dedicated Cloud
20 GB SSD + 30 TB SATA Storage
1 vCPU Core
2 TB Data Transfer
CyberPanel or CWP Control Panel
1 IPv4 address; /64 IPv6 subnet
Bare-Metal Servers


6 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, and 250 Gbps Bandwidth.
Bare-Metal Dedicated Server
Intel Xeon D-1531, 2.7 GHz CPU
1 x 480 GB SSD
250 Mbps Bandwidth
1 Gbps Internet Connection
1 IPv4 address; /64 IPv6 subnet
Dedicated Servers

The Best Cloud IaaS

HC Fault-Tolerant Infrastructure + VMware IaaS Cloud Platform = The Best Cloud IaaS. We provision Cloud instances and storage in various U.S. and European locations.
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Hybrid Infrastructure
Public Cloud

High Availability (HA)

Avoid application downtime with our HA functionality. It minimizes downtime by restarting your server automatically in case of an OS failure.
Automated Fault Tolerance

Fault Tolerance

Do you need 100% business continuity? Get a server with Automated Fault Tolerance to protect your business against interruptions.
Cloud Hosting

High Performance Hosting

Choose our enterprise Solid State Drives for your server instances to increase Application Performance.
Cloud with Fault-Tolerance

Built-In Data Protection

Our Storage Area Network protects your data is safe under any circumstances without performance impact.
HA and Automated Fault-Tolerance
Run Any Workload

Run Any Workload

We support your existing applications. Our clients run approximately 5000 applications and over 80 operating systems on HC Cloud.
Naturally Scalable

Scale Up / Scale Down

Scale up and down your Cloud dimensions with any ratio of CPU, memory, and storage. Use capacity based on your budget.
Secure Computing Instances

Keep It Secure

Deliver capacity for your organization's needs using existing IT policies to meet security and compliance requirements.
Fault-Tolerant Storage

Fault Tolerant Storage

Our Storage Area Network protects your data. It is safe under any circumstances without performance impact.
Private Server Environments
Hybrid Clouds

Gives You Flexibility

You are free to move workloads between your internal Private & Public Clouds as needed. It is fast and secure.
Very Secure

Gives You Security

Rely on a proven security framework for you to pool and deploy critical workloads to your computing instances.
Broad App & OS Support

Broad App & IaaS Support

We support thousands of Apps and all popular OS. No changes are required to use your legacy applications in compute clouds.
Risk Free

Low Risk & Low Cost

Leverage your investments in Apps and infrastructure. You don't need to rewrite apps to make them work both in a Private and Public IT environment.


No cheap tricks, no hidden rules, or misleading terms of service! Our clients get a High-quality IT infrastructure with 100% network uptime. Get a resource-rich Bare-metal Server or a real Cloud with fault-tolerant SSD and SATA storage, HA, Automated Failover, customized service & 24/7 support.
100% Uptime Network, SLA guarantee

100% Uptime Network, SLA

Use our high quality, low latency, 100% uptime (SLA guarantee) Internet network with multiple Internet routes.
Solid, High Qaulity IT Infrastructure

Solid IT Infrastructure

From Bare-metal to the Compute Clouds, Host Color's customers use solid IT infrastructure of the highest possible quality.
VMware based infrastructure platform

We Mean Cloud

Our services are based on VMware infrastructure solutions - the world's most advanced Cloud Computing automation platform.
Commitment & Excellent Business Record

Experience & Commitment

HostColor's NOC & Support have been managing servers and IT infrastructure environments for more than 20 years.


What makes our Web Hosting services better than others?
Yes! HostColor has its own, reliable IT infrastructure. Unlike many other service providers, we control our network and our infrastructure. So, we can apply custom policies to our services. Another reason for you to consider HostColor as one of the best hosting providers is that we never mislead our customers. We promise only services that we can deliver. We don't offer "unlimited storage", "unlimited data transfer" or "unlimited bandwidth", simply because such does not exist. Compare our plans to other web hosts to find out that HC gives you more resources at a better price.
Does HC provide Wordpress Hosting?
Yes, we do provide WP Hosting in various forms. Hosted WordPress CMS is available with the standard service plans which start at $2.99/month. The next option, which is suitable for resource-demanding Wordpress-based websites is either a VPShosted on a standalone physical server or a Cloud VM, hosted on VMware-powered infrastructure with various scalability options as well as fault-tolerant storage. You can use either fast enterprise SATA or enterprise Solid State Drive storage for your WordPress website. Do not forget to review and consider using our Managed Website service plans, which allow you to outsource the technical administration of your account and website to HostColor.
Where are your servers and IT infrastructure located?
HostColor's main facility is located 90 miles from Chicago, in South Bend, Indiana. We are also part of the Equinix IT ecosystem, which means we can provision enterprise computing capacity in 40 other premium IT facilities in the U.S, and worldwide.
Does HostColor (HC) offer fast Internet connectivity?
Yes! Our network - AS46873 - is among the most connected ones in the Midwestern U.S. We are proud to offer U.S. national peering and the shortest possible routes to 60 million Internet users in the Midwestern United States. What does all this mean to you? It means that your clients' websites and apps will enjoy the lowest possible round trip delay to any point in North America and fast connectivity worldwide.
How does HC Support work?
Our Network Operations are open 24/7. We have engineers available onsite and remote NOC support operators. The best way to receive support and fast resolution is to open a Support Ticket in the Account Management Area. We usually respond fast to Support Tickets. You can also reach us at +1-574-307-8390 (101 for Technical Support) and on our LiveChat.
Do you do uptime monitoring of my website and applications?
Yes! However, remember that there is a different service framework for each IT service. For example, virtual & dedicated servers are very different from Shared plans. There are also different types of monitoring services. Some monitor the websites and hosting accounts' uptime per IP address or domain name. Others monitor application uptime. There are also Network Monitoring services, which help you to understand the network bandwidth on your Dedicated or collocated server(s). If you need any specific monitoring service, please open Support Ticket in Account Management Area and tell us what you need.
Who are HostColor's customers?
We have been hosting websites and applications for small and medium-sized enterprises since 2000. Most of HostColor's customers (70%) are U.S.-based businesses. We also have many Canadian, UK, Australian, Irish, Spanish, South African, and Indian clients. We are friendly and open to customers from different nations and markets as long as they use HostColor's services for legitimate purposes while following the best industry practices.
Are my account, payment details & personal data secure?
Yes, as long as you use strong passwords that include special characters, you're safe. Your account at is protected by an Extended Validation SSL certificate. Specific safety policies apply to the users' profiles. The administrative access to our database is also restricted and is not directly accessible over the Internet. Please also be advised that HostColor does not store your full financial details in our CRM. We want you to know that Host Color LLC doesn't share customers' data with 3rd parties of any kind.
Does HostColor do Dedicated Hosting?
Yes, we do. Host Color offers Dedicated Hosting services from various U.S. and international locations. We deliver Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers from Ashburn, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Bend, Oregon; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, California, Miami, Florida; New York, NY; Seattle, Washington. All Dedicated Server plans are connected to 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps physical ports and are customized to the client's preferred hardware and software configurations. If you need Cloud hosting or a Dedicated Server in Europe, please go to
Does HostColor offer Managed Hosting?
Yes, we do. We have Unmanaged and Managed service plans in each niche. Unlike most other hosting providers that offer Managed Services only with VPS and Dedicated Hosting plans, Host Color is pleased to offer small business owners a service named Managed Site. It allows our customers to save thousands of USD per year on IT management by outsourcing the technical administration and development of their accounts and websites to Host Color. As a part of the technical administration we do code debugging, design elements editing, manage mobile-friendly versions of our clients' sites, troubleshoot when necessary, improve the websites' security, and search engine ranking (through unique, high-quality organic SEO techniques), and deliver other valuable digital services.
What kind of Cloud or Web Hosting do I need?
If you don't know which web hosting service to choose, please go to Account Management Center and open a Sales Ticket. We will help you to make the right decision and will choose the most cost-effective web hosting solution for you. We want you to know that we never up-sell our customers! HC is an honest Cloud computing and Web Hosting service provider that drives business to its clients and partners by helping them to improve their IT infrastructures, & operations, and by saving their financial and human resources.
What does High Availability (HA) Hosting mean & do I need it?
HA is a software service that minimizes any service outage. It provides uniform, cost-effective failover protection against hardware and Operating System (OS) failures. It monitors the servers to detect failure on the underlying physical hosts or an OS failure inside the clients' instances. If an outage is detected, the HA functionality restarts the cloud instance on another physical host, part of the Host Color's compute cluster. Operations resume automatically. All services return online. There is no need to reboot the server manually. If you want to make sure that your websites, applications, and services will return online very fast in case of an outage, you should consider using HostColor's HA services.
Does Automated Fault Tolerance really offer 100% uptime?
Automated Fault Tolerance (AFT) is a service that eliminates the risk of a service outage. HostColor offers Automated Fault Tolerance as a paid add-on service to all Cloud services. Unlike the HA, which reduces any service outage, the AFT function eliminates it and ensures continuous availability for any websites, applications, and workloads. AFT creates a live shadow server (Failover Virtual Machine), which is synchronized and always up-to-date with the primary one. In case of a hardware failure or an OS outage, the AFT automatically starts the failover VM, ensuring zero downtime.
Do I need a Cloud Hosting?
Most Marketers and Sales Agents say "Yes, you do!". We work differently! We will discuss your project to understand what you want to achieve. HC team will outline any possible IT infrastructure and service scenarios for your business. Cloud services, especially the Hybrid ones are very efficient and cost-effective for businesses, as they help them create flexible IT frameworks and to organize operations more efficiently. On the other hand, the traditional IT infrastructure solutions are simple to understand and in many ways more affordable. The HC Cloud is among the best in the industry and is affordable. Unlike Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other major cloud service providers, who do not provide technical support unless you pay for it, the HC Cloud includes technical support at no additional charge. Why don't you Ask your questions?.
Can I use Microsoft Office on HC Cloud Service environment?
Yes, you can host your own Microsoft Office on a Cloud Desktop or a Private dedicated IT environment. You can run any business productivity application on HC Cloud - Office 2016, iWork, Open Office, LibreOffice, etc. You can use our Cloud infrastructure to design and set up any Linux or Windows service framework.
What is the difference between Cloud & traditional Web Hosting?
The term "Cloud" describes a networking model of server infrastructure. In such systems, the data processing servers that deal with computation are physically separate from the Data Storage servers. Cloud computing infrastructures are hardware redundant. In case of a physical component failure, they continue to operate and guarantee operational continuity. For a web hosting service to be considered cloud hosting, it must be delivered from a Cloud Computing infrastructure, not from a stand-alone physical server. Most hosting providers use stand-alone physical servers, however.