11 Nov 2022

1-Click Backups & Restore To All WordPress Cloud Web Hosting Plans

1-Click Backup & Restore Wordpress Cloud Hosting

HostColor has added new one-click backup & restore functionality to its WordPress Cloud Web Hosting services. It is available as a free add-on to the HC's Self-Managed Web Hosting plans. It features local backup, one-click restore, direct WordPress-site-to-WordPress-site migration, migration clone ability, and FTP backups.

HC uses a number of tools to do backups and restore WordPress-based websites. The WP site backup service is based on the Backpuply plugin. Alongside the free backup and restore functionality, the plugin offers some premium paid features - SFTP and FTPS backups, direct backups to a redundant cloud hosting account, and WordPress backup capabilities to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3 or any S3 compatible storage, WebDAV, as well as automated backups and rotation of the data copies.

Cloud Hosting Services That Empower SMBs

"We have declared that its mission as a cloud hosting service provider is to help SMBs to take control over their IT infrastructure in the rapidly changing cloud service market", said HostColor.com CEO Dimitar Avramov. He adds that there is s growing dependence of SMBs on the so-called major clouds and their corporate business models.

"Businesses who moved their IT infrastructure to any of the major clouds, experience skyrocketing monthly bills for internet access to their public cloud and private apps, higher costs for technical support, increased IT infrastructure management effort, de-facto lock-in of their infrastructure due to the high costs of data transfer, and growing data privacy concerns," explains HC's executive. He adds that plugins like Backpuply give business owners more freedom to operate their IT infrastructures and move seamlessly WordPress websites and data out of the major clouds and apply custom data backup and restore policies.

HostColor.com has announced Cloud Service Localization & More Bandwidth At Fixed Cost and 4 new locations for the delivery of Public Cloud Server services - New York, London, Frankfurt, and Singapore. Their opening is in line with the company's Cloud infrastructure priorities - "localization of the cloud services" and "increased bandwidth rate at fixed monthly cost".