About Host Color


The name Host Color (HostColor or HC) represents our core values - a firm believe in open markets, free trade and equal opportunities for everyone. HC suggests an ethnical and racial diversity, a gender equality and equal opportunities for everyone. The concept behind HC business is that technologies, Internet and the digital economy create a whole new world of opportunities, where knowledge, talent and hard work make people succeed! We want you to be happy and successful, no matter who you are and where you live.

In the Beginning

We have started hosting websites and providing Managed Website Hosting services in 1999. HC started as an European based small business with two co-owners who worked hard, but struggled to find a reliable IT infrastructure. Within the first two years we have been reselling Alabanza and RackShack's services. The uptime was decent, the support virtually non-existent. We wanted to have full control over our infrastructure in order to offer our clients a Premium Service Level Agreements in every service niche. Therefore, in 2002 we built HostColor.com, established Host Color LLC as legal entity and started developing it. The result is one of the most reliable and committed to its business and clients IT Hosting providers on the market.

Cloud Servers, Web Hosting, Managed Website - More To Know

January, 2002

HostColor.com - Web Hosting

The 2002 has just kicked off when we separated our website design from IT hosting business & created HostColor.com.
HC Midwest Colocation
March, 2003

Midwest U.S. Colocation & Managed Website Hosting

In the beginning of 2003 we have started building our own colocation center near Chicago, in South Bend, Indiana.
Dedicated Servers & VPS
June 2003

Dedicated Servers & VPS Services

Few months after we established own colocation site, Host Color started offering own Dedicated server, OpenVZ & Xen based VPS hosting services.
European Infrastructure
December 2004

European Hosting Infrastructure

In Q3 of 2004 we have established Host Color Europe, to offer Infrastructure Hosting services in Europe. Since 2014, we offer IaaS in more than 20 European cities with London, Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt, Sofia, Helsinki, Bratislava, Prague, Athens, Zaragoza and Warsaw among them.
Managed Services
September 2005

Managed Hosting & Services

We have built a strong team and in the Q3 of 2005 started offering Managed services to our own clients.
ARIN Member Cloud Service Provider
April 2009

ARIN Member & Cloud Server Hosting

HC became an ARIN member, moved to a new facility and created a new Cloud-based infrastructure, which offers High Availability & Cloud services.
Premium SLA
Jan 2010 - March 2013

Cloud Infrastructure & Premium SLA

For two and half years Host Color: Increased Network capacity; Invested a lot in a new IT infrastructure; Improved procedures & automation options.
Low Latency Cloud Network
September 2013 - June 2015

Low Latency Cloud Network

By June 2015, we managed to create one of the most connected IT Hosting & Cloud networks in Midwestern U.S. and provide services from a number of data centers across North America.
The Best Of Cloud Computing
May 2016

The Best of the Cloud

HC started revamping its Cloud and build a new Cloud infrastructure based on VMware Cloud computing technologies. Automated-Fault Tolerant Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds and Cloud IaaS added to services.

HC Leadership

Some of those who drive Host Color forward.
Dimitar - CEO, Host Color LLC


CEO, Host Color LLC
Dani - Operations Manager


Operations Manager
Dimitar S. - System Administrator

Dimitar S.

System Administrator