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Deploy your own virtual business office on a secure Private Cloud. Create Cloud Workspaces and a custom collaborative environment for your organization.
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Why Movinf to a Hybrid Cloud

What is HC Cloud Office?

HC Cloud Office is a secure, private business IT infrastructure solution, that allows you to recreate your organizational structure in your own Private Cloud environment. The Cloud Office offers integrated communication and collaboration tools like online document editing (Office Suite), calendar and contacts app, audio/video chat, and more. HC deploys an advanced groupware platform for your organization and helps you to create and customize a business collaborative environment. We help you to stay completely independent and keep you in control over all business processes at a low cost, in any circumstances.

The benefits of using Hybrid Cloud
Connect the Branch to the Cloud

Managed & Secure Cloud Workspaces

The Cloud Office server creates secure Cloud Workspaces and connects your on-premise office infrastructure to your Cloud infrastructure and creates an online collaborative environment for your employees. The Cloud Office is accessed through a secure Web interface (restricted from the public Internet), and through desktop and mobile applications (iOS and Android apps).

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Cloud WorkSpaces Features

The Cloud WorkSpaces features are listed below. HC Cloud Office Server is a L.A.M.P application environment that stores file sharing information, user details, application data, and configuration as well as file information in a database. It features full-text search, audio/video chat or collaborative, real-time office document editing, etc. The HC Cloud Office works with MySQL and MariaDB databases. A REDIS caching server can be used to speed up data access and lower the load on the database. The “HC Cloud Office” can also run in VMware-based High Availability and Fault-Tolerant environments.

  • File manipulation: Text editor, PDF viewer, Image gallery, Video player, Online office with collaborative editing.
  • File syncing (Windows/Linux/Mac clients): Sync all or per folder; Can skip syncing any subfolder; File manager integration.
  • Sharing: Groups or users; Public link with expiration password; Allow uploading/changing files; Hide already uploaded files (creating upload folder or 'file drop’); Share between different HC Cloud Office servers; Auto-complete user names between connected instances.
  • Storage: The following storage systems are supported (local storage, Object Storage (Swift/S3), SMB/CIFS, Dropbox, Google Drive, (s)FTP, Windows Network Drive, WebDAV, and anything which can be locally mounted on the server); Users can be given ability to mount any external storage type.
  • Monitoring and auditing: Built-in monitoring app showing basic server health properties like CPU/memory load, number of active users or shares, storage, system configuration like PHP version, webserver and more; Monitoring API for external tools like Splunk, openNMS, Nagios; Logging full audit trail to log file.
  • Security: File Access Control blocks access requests based on rules like IP, user/group, file type, and more (Positive security model compatible with mod_security compliant WaF solutions); Anti-Virus app (ICAP support coming); Server-side encryption (Using built-in or external key management; Built in has optional master password for recovery, encrypt/decrypt all feature, sharing; Encryption can be enabled/disabled on local storage and per external storage connection); Brute force protection; Additional password check; Two-factor authentication (Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP); Universal 2nd Factor /U2F/); Define password policies (NIST compliant); Full control over connections between clouds (Federation); Web interface protection includes (Content Security Policy CSP 3.0protection; Same-site cookies).
  • API: All data is accessible through WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV; OCS Sharing API (REST style) enables sharing files; Provisioning API enables creating/listing/changing users.
  • File handling: Comments, File versions, Deleted file recovery, Favorites, Search (tags, filenames; optional full text search), Tags
  • File syncing (Android/iOS clients): Sync 'favorite' files or folders, Auto-image/video upload, Full sharing integration.
  • Activity tracking and announcements: Notifications/activities tracked and visible for users (Files created, updated, shared, unshared and deleted by user or others; Shared file downloaded; Comments on files; Calendar/todo changes; Admin announcements); Admin can send notifications to all users, specific users or groups.
  • Authentication methods: LDAP; Active Directory; SAML 2.0; OneLogin; Shibboleth; Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS); Authentication via environment variable; Kerberos (Apache mod_auth_kerb); Any other or custom provider that authenticates using the environment variable.
  • Third party integration: Outlook Add-in providing Calendar/Contacts syncing; Outlook Add-in for replacing attachments with Nextcloud links supporting (Custom link insert text/html, Password policy; Default expiration date); Integration with DAVDroid providing Calendar/Contact sync on Android; CalDAV/CardDAV compatible with iOS.
  • Calendar and Contacts: Built-in Calendar and Contacts app.
  • Workflow: Automatic tagging based on properties like IP of uploader, time/date, user/group, file type; Retention based on tags; Automatic execution of scripts at time of file upload based on automatic tagging.
  • Audio/video chat: Audio/video communication with users and groups on the HC Cloud Office; Users without account can be invited to calls via a public link; Scaling to 5-8 users per call (depending on network quality); STUN server, TURN server optional (highly recommended); SIP gateway optional.
Hybrid Cloud

Have you learned enough about the HC Cloud Office? If want to deploy one: 1. Go to the Private Cloud. section and choose an infrastructure service; 2. Choose "Cloud Office" on the Order configuration page; 3. Open a support ticket and tell us how many user accounts you want to create, how many point-to-point VPNs you need and what is your customer security policy. It takes 6 - 72 hours to get a fully customized HC Cloud Office.

Why Our Hybrid Clouds?

Built-in Data Protection

Built-in Data Protection

Your data is hosted on a fault-tolerant Storage Area Network (SAN) with built-in protection that safeguards the information under any circumstances without performance impact.
Highly Availability Cloud Hosting

Highly Availability

High Availability (HA) is not an average computing service. HA reduces IT service unavailability in an event of OS or physical host failure. 95% of the Cloud services you'd find don't support it. We do! It is a value added service to your Hybrid Cloud.
Fault-Tolerant Hybrid Cloud

Fault-Tolerant Hybrid Cloud

Automated Fault-Tolerance eliminates the risk of a service outage. It provides continuous availability (100% uptime) for your Hybrid Cloud, workstations, applications and workloads.