Half Cabinet - 20U Colocation

Compare 20U colo options.
COLO 20U (S)
COLO 20U (D)
COLO 24U (S)
Cabinet Options Shared Cabinet Dedicated Compartment Shared Cabinet
Enclosure Type 20U in 42U Cabinet Lockable 20U Compartment 24U in 48U Cabinet
Colocation Units 20U 20U 24U
Network Connection 1 Gbps 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
Included Data Transfer 20 TB Data Transfer 20 TB Data Transfer 20 TB Data Transfer
Burstable Bandwidth Yes (95-percentile) Yes (95-percentile) Yes (95-percentile)
Traffic Monitoring Cacti, Observium Cacti, Observium Cacti, Observium
Included Power 10 Amp 10 Amp 10 Amp
PDU Custom (Zero U, 1U or 2U) Custom (1U or 2U) Custom (Zero U, 1U or 2U)
Additional Power $25/mo per 1 Amp $25/mo per 1 Amp $25/mo per 1 Amp
Remote Power Reboot Yes (Online Interface) Yes (Online Interface) Yes (Online Interface)
IPv4 Subnet /28 IPv4 subnet /28 IPv4 subnet /28 IPv4 subnet
v6 Addresses /48 IPv6 subnet /48 IPv6 subnet /48 IPv6 subnet
Remote Hands $160/hour $160/hour $160/hour
Managed Colocation Add-on service Add-on service Add-on service
Monthly Fee $599/month $678/month $669/month
20U S Order 20U D Order 24U S Order

Unmanaged or Managed?

Compare Unmanaged & Managed Colo 20U.

Unmanaged 20U Colocation

We mount your servers and equipment, connect them to the network and provide KVM over IP remote management device to you. You take from there.
20U rack space
1 Gbps Connection w/ 30 Mbps included bandwidth
Cacti Graph bandwidth monitoring
6 Amps power & Remote power reboot interface
/28 IPv4 subnet & /48 IPv6 block
No Administration Included
No Software & Apps Installation or Support
No Management Service Included
Ad-Hock Remote Hands - $50/hour
from $399/month
Order Unmanaged Colo 20U

Managed 20U Colocation

Features complete installation and server management (rack your servers, configure network, secure it, install and subsequently support software & apps).
20U rack space
1 Gbps Connection w/ 50 Mbps included bandwidth
Cacti Graph bandwidth monitoring
8 Amps power & Remote power reboot interface
/28 IPv4 subnet & /48 IPv6 block
OS Installation & Security Hardening
Installation & Administration of Supported Software & Apps*
Management Service & Remote Hands (4 hours per month)
Add-on Managed Service & Remote Hands - $35/hour
from $595/month
Request Managed 20U


We make colocation service simple and reliable. The most important thing is that we honor our agreements, provide whatever services were promised - fast and at highest possible quality.
Web Hosting for Fast Content Delivery

Low Latency Connectivity

We peer to more than 80 ISP and networks to give you the lowest possible latency to any point of North America.
Colocation with Advanced Bandwidth Analytics

Advanced Bandwidth Analytics

Host Color helps you to understand bandwidth and to analyze data transfer by application, user, protocol and location.
Colocation with Remote Power Management

Remote Power Management

We provide our colocation clients with remote power reboot interfaces at no additional cost.
Colocation Remote Hands

Fairly Priced Remote Hands

Our onsite remote hands are very affordable. We charge only $50/hour.
Colocation Service Customization

Service Customizations

We go beyond traditional colocation concept to offer you a number of options & customizations.
Colocation Stability

Stability & Commitment

We help our customers to optimize IT processes and reduce their operational costs.