12 Mar 2020

Private Cloud Hosting Helps Us To Avoid Business Disruption. How?

Private Cloud Helps avoid Business Disruption

A number of companies have already activated their procedures for remote work due to the global spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). With a business disruption due to the the coronavirus pandemia, each organization must have a business continuity strategy in place. Each and every business is forced to deal with canceled meetings and postponed business trips. Some projects are delayed and many will be even postponed for indefinite period of time or even canceled. All this will affect the companies' earnings and will bring them significant losses. In this Host Color blog article we want to help you to continue developing and improving your business and to do make some positive changes, which you would not have the time to do in a normal business environment. One of the most important things to do in the current circumstances is:

Have A Business Continuity Productivity System

Does your organization have its own private business Cloud infrastructure in place? If it does, you just need to decide a) is it really private or it is hosted wit hany ofthe major clouds; b) can you lower your monthly costs; c) is there anything to be improved or optimized?

We want to target your attention to a Private Cloud solution, which would provide your organization with a great business continuity system and productivity platform that keeps you in control of all operations. We talk about a business continuity cloud service which has online collaboration system with a Office Suite (Microsoft Office, Libre Office, OpenOffice or any other similar programs) that allows your employees to:

  • Create documents online and edit them in collaborative environment
  • Share and exchange files
  • Send and receive email
  • Manage calendar
  • Set and manage appointment
  • Have a chat and video calls
  • Create and managed projects
  • Do conferencing and to discuss projects in a secure private environment
  • Work through mobile applications

Such a Private Cloud infrastructure with groupware capabilities would provide your employees with a home-working technology which follows your organization's best practices and policies related to remote working and sick pay.

We believe that your business Private Cloud must have audio and video conferencing capabilities, and text chat through web browser, and mobile interfaces with integrated screen sharing tool in place. Why? Because such communication tools will improve the workflow. Any Private Cloud platform that offers business text chat, audio and video conferencing will be very useful, because it will keep your internal communication going, during a lockdown like the one that our organizations currently face due to the spread of Coronavirus. Within the near future, when the business environment gets back to normal, your Private Cloud infrastructure will be even more useful. Its business continuity and productivity system should have already helped you to optimize your organization’s workflows and should have improved your employees' ability to stay focused and deliver the work they are expected to do, while working at home or in any remote locations.

No matter whether your organization have to deal with major disruptions due to Coronavirus or due to any other life-changing circumstances, we suggest you do 2 important things to improve your business workflow:

1. Compare few Private Cloud solutions which offer a business productivity software platform that allows you to recreate the organizational structure of your entity and all the workflows in a secure online environment. There are out-of-the-box Private Cloud solutions that offer all the necessary functionality you might need. HostColor.com can help you to install and properly setup a business productivity system in your own business Private Cloud. It will take us 24 - 48 hours to get it done.

If you already have already chosen a business productivity software solution, that's fine. We will simply install it in your Private Cloud hosting environment and manage it for you. If you need a suggestion what kind of a system could allow you to have a document exchange, to use Office Suite, business email, live chat and video conferencing, task list, calendar and many other features in one and the same dashboard, just read the news release Office Cloud, A Business Collaboration Server Launched By HC published in the HC Newsroom or go and review Office Cloud.

2. In times when your well-being and business are at risk, it is a very important to keep a good communication with the leaders of your organization. The decision makers are those who are responsible to prepare and implement the best possible business continuity strategy for the organizations they lead and to help those who work for them. So, it is important to stay close to them and not to disconnect from your organization.

Finally, don't loose your confidence! Take your time and reflect on the changing environment. Reconnect with your family and friends and improve the professional relationships you have built through the years.