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News related to our Cloud Infrastructure, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Web Hosting, and Colocation services.
18 Mar 2020
Office Cloud, A Business Collaboration Server Launched By HC Free Private Cloud Tier
HC launched Office Cloud server, a custom-built business infrastructure collaboration hosting service.
6 Sep 2019
HC Announced Free Trial On Managed Cloud Server Hosting Free Trial on Managed Cloud Hosting
Host Color has sent a news release to the media today to announce a One Month Free Trial period on its Managed Cloud Server Hosting services for both Public and Private Clouds.
21 Mar 2019
A Free Tier Private Cloud Service Announced by HC Free Private Cloud Tier
Host Color (HC) has announced the launch of a "Free Private Cloud Tier" on top of its Business Cloud Infrastructure.
1 Mar 2019
Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services Launched by HC Managed Cloud Services Announced by Host Color
Host Color has launched a Managed Cloud Infrastructure services, delivered from our South Bend, Indiana based Midwestern U.S. data center.
11 Nov 2016
HC Enhanced US Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers Host Color Enhances Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers
Host Color announced an improved 100 Mbps unmetered bandwidth offering and a new data traffic intelligence service option, both available to all Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers hosted in our Midwest US Data Center.