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7 Nov 2022
Cloud Service Localization And More Bandwidth At Fixed Cost Cloud Service Localization
HostColor (HC) has sent a press release to the technology media to announce the new priorities in its IT service portfolio - "Cloud Service Localization" and "More Bandwidth, Fixed Cost". Both result in high bandwidth Dedicated Server hosting and Cloud IaaS offerings at a fixed cost, without data transfer usage charges.
5 Oct 2022
Singapore-hosted 10 Gbps Dedicated Servers & Dedicated Cloud IaaS Singapore 10 Gbps Servers (HC) announced an upgrade of its Asia Dedicated Hosting portfolio with 10-gigabit-connected Dedicated Servers and Cloud IaaS delivered from Singapore data centers.
14 Sep 2022
1-gigabit Unmetered Dedicated Private Clouds Added To HC Services 1 Gbps unmetered Dedicated Private Cloud
HC announced new Dedicated Private Clouds (DCIaaS) and VPN solutions based on a 1-gigabit unmetered internet connection. The DCIaaS services and the virtual private networks (VPN) solutions are hosted on stand-alone or clustered 1 Gbps Dedicated Servers.
5 Sep 2022
Faster Cloud Network To The Northeastern U.S. And Canada Faster Cloud Network
HostColor expanded its Cloud service network with a 20 Gbps connection to the Detroit Internet Exchange. It lowers the latency to the upper Midwest, Northeastern United States, and Eastern Canada.
16 Aug 2022
Dedicated Cloud IaaS in the U.S., Canada, and the UK Cloud IaaS - US, Canada, UK
Dedicated Cloud services delivered from 17 U.S., Canada, and UK data centers and based on VMware ESXi, Proxmox, and Linux Containers virtualization technologies have been announced by HostColor.
24 July 2022
New York 10 Gbps Dedicated Servers Announced By HostColor New York 10 Gbps Servers
New 10-gigabit-connected New York Dedicated Server hosting plans have been announced by HostColor. The company's NY-based hosting services are delivered from the data centers - Teleport, Staten Island, and DataBank, New Jersey.