22 Dec 2020

New Dedicated Servers Based On Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs

New Dedicated Servers based on Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs

HostColor has announced US Dedicated Server offerings based on the 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The new dedicated servers are available on demand in five major U.S. metropolitan markets - New York, Miami, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

This new offering would provide HC customers with high performance for their business workloads, such as large databases and databases with a high query load. The Intel Xeon Gold and Platinum are available with dedicated servers with single or dual CPUs.

The entry-level Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers based on Intel Xeon Scalable CPU is a server with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Silver 4210 Scalable Processor, 32 GB RAM (2933MHz DDR4 ECC), 2 x 480 enterprise SSD, and 1 TB enterprise HDD for backups. The server comes with /30 IPv4 subnets (1 usable IPv4 address) and 10 TB data transfer on a 1 Gbps Internet connection.

"The new Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs offer our client high performance, advanced reliability, and hardware-enhanced security at a reasonable cost,” said, Dimitar Avramov, CEO go HostColor.com. The Dedicated Servers based Intel Xeon Scalable processors are available in both single and dual CPU configurations. The HC CEO added that "the servers based on Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs are optimized for demanding mainstream data center, cloud computing, and storage workloads and offer our customers performance and stability for their mission-critical public and private business workloads."

VMware Dedicated Public & Private Cloud

The Intel Xeon Gold and Platinum-based dedicated servers are also used for the company's Cloud infrastructure services. All dedicated private cloud plans and Public Cloud Server offerings of HC are based on the latest generation Intel CPUs.

Earlier in 2020 HC launched a business continuity service called 'Office Cloud'. The Office Cloud is a customizable business server that allows organizations to share and collaborate on office documents, send and receive an email, manage their calendar, and have video chats in a secure private IT environment. Office Cloud works in a Private Cloud environment, hosted by HC and is 100% owned by the customer. It works both on Cloud (Virtual) servers and on physical Bare-Metal servers, including on dedicated servers based on the 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs.