8 June 2024

New Failover-protected Cloud Servers In Just One Click

Failover-protected Cloud Servers

HostColor's technology team recently improved our Cloud infrastructure services by adding failover and data loss protection services. Now, clients can boost their Public Cloud Servers and Hosted Private Clouds with a mirrored, fully synchronized server environment in just one click.

The failover protection is like a backup plan that kicks in if something goes wrong with the main cloud environment. The Failover Protection is for all HostColor.com cloud infrastructure services. It ensures that your applications and workflows will have a minimum interruption of services in case of a downtime of the underlying physical infrastructure, where your main server environment resides.

Our Edge Cloud data center in Dallas, Texas is the first location where our clients can utilize failover-protected cloud infrastructure. HostColor's team will start adding failover protection to the other edge data centers from which we provide cloud hosting services.

At the beginning of June 2024, we announced a major expansion of HostColor's Cloud Server hosting services. HostColor now delivers cloud infrastructure from 12 major U.S. metropolitan areas, offering Public Cloud Servers and Hosted Private Clouds. These are designed to host organizations' internal technology workflows from Edge data centers in those U.S. metropolitan areas.

HostColor has also announced upgrades to our Dedicated Servers in Miami and Dedicated Servers in New York, powered by AMD processors, high-speed SSD-based storage, and 10-gigabit network ports.

HostColor's Cloud infrastructure services are based on Proxmox VE's cloud automation technology platform. They offer fully customizable public and private clouds with various operating systems options, as well as a range of open-source server software applications at no extra cost for specific Linux operating systems.