1 Mar 2019

Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services Launched by HC

HC Managed Cloud Services

HC has launched a Managed Cloud Infrastructure services, delivered from our South Bend, Indiana based U.S. data center.

The Managed services are available with all Public Cloud Servers, Hosted Private Cloud and Hybrid Clouds.

Managed Clouds Infrastructure include initial setup, installation of Windows or Linux based operating system, configuration of the Public or a Private Cloud environment to the client’s custom settings, regular maintenance and updates of all software programs and applications, 24/7/365 resource monitoring, security updates, antivirus and anti-spam protection, reboots, Cloud instance recovery and data backups.

The Public Cloud Servers are used for hosting of websites, mail servers and various software applications accessible via public Internet.

The Hosted Private Clouds are provisioned to support certain business workloads that the organizations need to move to data centers. The Private Clouds are secure computing instances created for internal use and the organizations operate them behind firewalls and access them through VPN connection.

"If anyone compares Cloud services of AWS, Azure and Host Color, they will find out that their cost on hC Cloud will be much lower and that, unlike the so-called "Major Clouds", HC does not charge additional fees for technical support. It is included and is 24/7", says Host Color's CEO and founder Dimitar Avramov.

All HC Cloud services are provisioned on top of the company's Cloud Computing infrastructure built with VMware ESXi. Host Color's clients' data is securely hosted on a enterprise grade Storage Area Network (SAN), which features Fault-Tolerance and built-in protection, and safeguards the information under any circumstances without performance impact.