3 Nov 2014

HC Launched Asia Dedicated Servers & Infrastructure Hosting

Host Color Launched Asia Dedicated Servers

Host Color (HC) has launched Worldwide Dedicated Servers services. The first five Asian dedicated hosting services POPs are Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Pune/Mumbai in India.

Our primary Asian location is in Singapore, Host Color offers Singapore Dedicated Server configurations with different hardware specifications, hosted in Equinix data centers. The Singapore Dedicated Servers come with “10 Unmetered Bandwidth” as well as with metered data transfer on 100 Mbps Internet ports. Larger bandwidth rate commitment on 1 Gbps Internet ports is also available as add-on service. The company also offers 10 Gbps Dedicated Server in 50 U.S. edge data center locations.

HC’s Hong Kong Dedicated servers, hosted in local Equinix data centers come with 10 Mbps monthly bandwidth on 100 Mbps ports. Customers can scale up the bandwidth allocation in 10 Mbps increments increasing it up to 100 Mbps.

In Sеoul, Korea, Host Color uses infrastructure capacity in SKbroadband Data Center where Dedicated Servers also come with “10 Unmetered Bandwidth”, and metered data transfer on 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps Internet ports.

HC Bangkok Dedicated Servers are housed in CAT Telecom Tower. There is a local specifics for the Dedicated Hosting services in this point of Asia related to the bandwidth allocation. It is usually configured on different data link layers as Local (Domestic) and International (Global IP bandwidth). Local bandwidth is available in 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps physical ports, while the global data transfer rates start at 5 Mbps monthly bandwidth per dedicated server.

In India, where Host Color uses Airtel data center through a local partner network, the Dedicated servers are connected to 100 Mbps ports with 5000 GB metered data transfer limit per month.

Per client request HC can also deploy Bare Metal Dedicated Servers and Cloud environments in other Asian data centers. The company leverages on the Equinix data center ecosystem to provision computing capacity in Tokyo, Shanghai, Jakarta and Dubai. It has also have contracted capacity through its Infrastructure Partner Networks in other Asian cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Ho Chi Min and few other locations.