21 Mar 2019

A Free Tier Private Cloud Service Announced by HC

Free Tier Private Cloud

Host Color (HC) has announced the launch of a Free Hosted Private Cloud Tier on top of its Business Cloud Infrastructure.

The "Free Tier" Private Cloud features 1 CPU Core, 1 GB vRAM, 10 GB Fault-Tolerant SATA Storage and 40 GB monthly data transfer quota on 100 Mbps Internet Connection. The limits of the "Free Private Cloud Tier" are clearly explained in the service specification published on the Host Color's Private Cloud section. There are no hidden terms or restrictions.

Private Clouds are server instances configured on demand to support certain business workloads, which work better on "The Cloud". Those could be anything - internal CRM software, financial and accounting programs, collaboration systems, exchange servers, Remote Desktops and many other business applications which need to be executed in a secure It environment. The Private Clouds are not visible over the public Internet. They are secure computing infrastructure instances created for internal use and operated by the organizations behind firewalls. The users access them through a purpose built enterprise-grade Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

HC announced in its news release sent to the technology media that the "Free Private Cloud Tier guarantees that business owners who move certain workloads to their own Private Clouds will have full control over the resource usage and their monthly service bills, as overcharging for computing resource usage and especially for data transfer is a growing concern for those who use the so-called "major clouds".

The HC's special high bandwidth Hosted Private Clouds are based on special bare-metal US dedicated Servers. The company also offers cloud infrastructure based on 10 Gbps Dedicated Servers in 50 U.S. edge data center locations. The Cloud Servers can be deployed with 10 Gbps, 20 Gbps, or 30-gigabit bandwidth rate ports and unrestricted data transfer.

According to HC's CEO, Mr. Dimitar Avramov "Unlike the similar services offered by the major clouds, the HostColor's Free Private Cloud Tier does not set limits on the number of hours that anyone can use the service in a calendar month". He adds that on HC Cloud there are no imposed limits on the number of computing tasks and operations which can be executed. "On the AWS free tier, for example there are "20,000 times where the user can you retrieve a file from Amazon S3" and the client is charged after that. On our Cloud, there are no such limits".

All Private Clouds are provisioned and hosted on top of the HostColor's Cloud Computing infrastructure built with VMware ESXi and created to deliver IT services with 100% availability. The HC clients' data is securely stored and well-protected on a enterprise grade Fault-Tolerant Storage Area Network (SAN), which features built-in protection and safeguards the information under any circumstances without performance impact.

HC has recently announced the launch Of Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services. The Managed Public Cloud Servers and Private Clouds include initial setup, installation of Windows or Linux based operating system, antivirus and anti-spam protection, configuration of the Public or a Private Cloud environment to the client’s custom settings, regular maintenance and updates of all software programs and applications, 24/7/365 resource monitoring, security updates, reboots, Cloud instance recovery and data backups.