24 Jan 2023

HostColor Launched Edge Servers in 50 US data centers

Edge Servers in 50 US data centers

HostColor.com (HC) announced its new platform for the provisioning of Semi-Managed, Edge Servers in 50 U.S. edge data center locations. The edge dedicated servers feature 20 Gbps and 30 Gbps bandwidth ports.

The most used server configurations by HostColor's customers in the Edge data centers are:

  • Intel Xeon-based servers with 10 CPU cores, 128 GB RAM, and 480 GB SSD
  • Intel Xeon-based servers with 32 CPU cores, 384 GB RAM, and 7.6 TB SSD
  • Intel Xeon-based servers with 32 CPU cores, 768 GB RAM, and 32 TB SSD

All Edge US Dedicated Servers are Semi-Managed. "Semi-Managed" means that the HC administrators install and configure the client's server to the requested technology environment, reinstall the OS per request and help server owners troubleshoot in case of any operating system, networking, or software configuration issues.

All US Edge Servers are provisioned with 10 Gbps, 20 Gbps, and 30 Gbps ports and feature bandwidth quotas from 1 Gbps to 30 Gbps. The servers can be configured for delivering public cloud services or as Dedicated Private Clouds (DCIaaS). HC's DCIaaS is a customizable, isolated, and secure on-demand IT infrastructure solution created with Proxmox VE, Linux Containers (LCX), Kubernetes container orchestration, or VMware ESXi virtualization technologies. All DCIaaS plans feature WireGuard VPN technology and dedicated high-bandwidth internet connectivity.

"We are excited to offer Edge Dedicated Servers to local businesses all over the United States and to help them with a short round trip delay to their IT infrastructure and the overall application delivery. HostColor clients who use our Edge infrastructure improve their workflows and literally "beat the cloud" when it comes to security, privacy, and fast application delivery to the local market," says HostColor's CEO, Dimitar Avramov. He also adds that one of the company's special high bandwidth bare-metal server options is a Dedicated Server in New York with 10 Gbps, 20 Gbps, and 30-gigabit bandwidth rate and unrestricted data transfer.

HostColor also has inexpensive 2 Gbps Dedicated Server offerings in its Unmetered Servers section.

As of May 2023, the company provisions U.S. Edge servers from Albany, New York; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Ashburn and Herndon Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio, Texas; Bend and Portland, Oregon; Billings, MT; Boise, ID; Boston, Massachusetts; Casper, WY; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati and Cleveland, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; Honolulu, Hawaii; Indianapolis, Indiana; Jackson, Mississippi; Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa, Florida; Kansas City and Saint Louis, Missouri; Las Vegas, Nevada; Little Rock, Arkansas; Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, Santa Clara, and San Diego, California; Madison, Wisconsin; Miami, Florida; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Nashville, Kentucky; New Orleans, Louisiana; New York City and the State of New York; Omaha, Nebraska; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle and Spokane, Washington; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Among the company's other North American Edge locations are: Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in Canada, In Europe HostColor delivers dedicated hosting services from edge data centers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and London in the UK, Athens in Greece, Amsterdam and The Hague, Netherlands, Paris, and Reims in France, Frankfurt and Munich in Germany, Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza in Spain, Milano in Italy, Vienna in Austria Helsinki in Sweden, and ten other European cities. The company's Asian on-net edge server locations are Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo.

HC recently announced an upgrade of its dedicated hosting portfolio with Dedicated Servers in Singapore based on AMD EPYC 7282 and AMD EPYC 7742 processors. The company's clients can customize the Singapore-hosted, AMD-based servers by upgrading memory, HDD or SSD storage drives, and bandwidth, and take advantage of many other configurable options.