11 Aug 2023

HostColor Allows Customers To Use IPv4 subnets On AWS & Azure

HC IPv4 subnets to be used on AWS & Azure

HostColor.com (HC) allows its customers to lease IPv4 addresses and use them on Amazon AWS-hosted infrastructure. AWS itself announced on July 28, 2023, that they are introducing "a new charge for public IPv4 addresses". Effective February 1, 2024, AWS will start charging "$0.005 per IP address per hour for all public IPv4 addresses, whether attached to a service or not".

AWS charges for public IPv4 addresses that its clients allocate in their accounts but don’t attach to EC2 instances. The new monthly charge per public IPv4 address would be $3.6/month. which is double the monthly price per IP that Cloud infrastructure and web hosting providers like Hostcolor.com charge per month per IPv4 address.

"There are many organizations that have built complex cloud infrastructures on AWZ and Azure. We help many of them with the opportunity to either back up their cloud infrastructure or implement various IT architecture service scenarios that feature significant cost savings. One of them is our cloud-compatible Edge Server environments with unrestricted data transfer." says HostColor.com CEO, Dimitar Avramov.

HostColor makes it possible for organizations to deliver content and applications hosting services and host private It infrastructure in 50 U.S. and North American edge markets with the lowest possible latency of 1 ms to 5 ms. A low latency under 5 ms is something that the major hyper-scalers can't achieve outside the major U.S. metropolitan markets due to a lack of edge data center infrastructure. Our Edge servers are perfect for hybrid cloud scenarios where location-sensitive data processing can be done at HostColor's edge locations, while the rest of the IT operations are conducted on AWS, Azure, or on any other major hyper-scaler.

AWS says that "IPv4 addresses are an increasingly scarce resource and the cost to acquire a single public IPv4 address has risen more than 300% over the past 5 years". The major hyper-scaler has also said that this trend reflects their own costs and that AWS customers are encouraged to be "a bit more frugal" with their use of public IPv4 addresses" and to "think about accelerating the adoption of IPv6 as a modernization and conservation measure".

BYOIP addresses to AWZ or Azure

AWS and Azure do not charge their customers who bring their own IPv4 addresses (BYOIP addresses) to their infrastructure services.

"You can bring part or all of your publicly routable IPv4 address range from your on-premises network to your AWS account," says AWS. The hypers-caller explains that its clients can configure one or more BYOIP address pools, either directly in EC2 or using Amazon VPC IPAM.

So, HostColor clients can bring the /24 IPv4 subnets both to AWS and Azure and assign them to AWS services such as EC2 instances, NAT gateways or use them for AWS Global Accelerator, incurring no charges.

Additionally, HC works with its clients on various service scenarios that complement their AWS and Azure-hosted infrastructure.