27 Mar 2023

Backup Your Azure-hosted Cloud infrastructure

Backup Azure Cloud Infrastructure

Does your organization need a reserve cloud infrastructure either for business continuity purposes or for disaster recovery and backup of your Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure?

Microsoft offers a service that allows anyone who has infrastructure on Azure to back up their data and recover it from the Microsoft Azure cloud. HostColor.com allows automated backups of Your Azure infrastructure to our Public Cloud Servers. We also help our clients create a business continuity Hosted Private Cloud on our infrastructure, and to apply their own disaster recovery policies.

What can an organization back up? According to Microsoft Azure, their clients can backup:

On-premises: Back up files, folders, and system state using the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) agent. Or use the DPM or Azure Backup Server (MABS) agent to protect on-premises VMs (Hyper-V and VMware) and other on-premises workloads.

Azure VMs: Back up entire Windows/Linux VMs (using backup extensions) or backup files, folders, and system state using the MARS agent.

Azure Managed Disks: Back up Azure Managed Disks

Azure Files shares: Back up Azure File shares to a storage account

SQL Server in Azure VMs: Back up SQL Server databases running on Azure VMs

SAP HANA databases in Azure VMs: Backup SAP HANA databases running on Azure VMs

Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers: Back up Azure PostgreSQL databases and retain the backups for up to 10 years

Azure Blobs: Overview of operational backup for Azure Blobs

Scenarios for backing up your Azure Cloud infrastructure

Azure Backup

Azure Backup is a managed backup service that allows you to back up data from Azure virtual machines, Azure file shares, and SQL Server running in Azure. Azure Backup is fully integrated with Azure, and it offers flexible backup policies, automated backups, and long-term retention. Azure Backup supports multiple types of backup, including incremental backups, full backups, and differential backups.

Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery is a disaster recovery service that helps protect your applications and data from unexpected downtime. It replicates workloads running on physical and virtual machines from a primary site to a secondary location. This secondary location can be another Azure region or an on-premises data center. In the event of a disaster, you can failover to the secondary location to keep your business running.

Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage is a scalable, cost-effective storage solution that can be used to store backups of virtual machines, databases, and applications. You can create a storage account in Azure Blob Storage and then configure your backup software to write backups to that storage account. Azure Blob Storage offers high availability, durability, and geo-redundancy.

Azure File Sync

Azure File Sync is a hybrid storage solution that enables you to synchronize files between on-premises servers and Azure Files. You can use Azure File Sync to back up files from on-premises servers to Azure Files, and then use Azure Backup to back up those files to Azure Backup. This provides an additional layer of protection for your data.

Third-party backup solutions: There are many third-party backup solutions available in the Azure Marketplace that you can use to back up your Azure-hosted cloud infrastructure. These solutions offer features such as agentless backups, application-aware backups, and cloud-to-cloud backups. Some popular third-party backup solutions include Veeam Backup & Replication, Commvault, and Backup Exec.