Direct connectivity with Global CDNs
Verizon (Edgecast)

CDN Hosting

Host Color network - AS46873 - peers directly to some of the major content delivery networks (CDN) and online streaming networks.

In addition to our unique, low latency Midwest U.S. peering network that offers shortest possible routes to Internet users in Midwestern U.S., our CDN peers help us to deliver the content hosted on Host Color's infrastructure much faster than it is delivered from other standard, non-optimized Internet networks.

We shorten the route from your servers, hosted in Host Color's Midwest data center to a number of destinations in North America (Chicago, IL: 4 ms; Indianapolis, IN: 8 ms; St. Louis, MO: 9.7 ms; Washington, DC: 20 ms; Ashburn, VA: 20.5 ms; Atlanta, GA: 21.2 ms; New York, NY: 23.3 ms; Nashville, TN: 24 ms; Newark, NJ: 26 ms; Washington, DC: 21.6 ms; Dallas, TX: 23.7 ms; Salt Lake City, UT: 24 ms; Austin, TX: 27.4 ms; Columbus, OH: 28.2 ms; Philadelphia, PA: 29 ms; Charlotte, NC: 29.4 ms; Florida (State average): 32.2 ms), without a need of changing name servers or applying any other specific networking or DNS changes.

This means that Host Color's network can be used for audio streaming, video streaming, VoIP services and for fast content delivery, without a need of using local caching in the cities and states, described above.

Caching on more than 4,000 servers

CDN Network Partners

Host Color AS46873 peers to Verizon (Edgecast), CDNetworks, CloudFlare, Netflix and UStream content delivery, online broadcasting and streaming networks.

Our low latency Midwest Peering network also offers shortest possible routes to anyone who needs to deliver content to 60 million Midwest U.S. Internet users, without a need of content caching or any additional CDN capabilities.


Our Advantages

  • 1. 100% Network uptime SLA guarantee?
  • 2. Enterprise class servers & components
  • 3. World class data center
  • 4. Fast responsive & friendly 24/7 support
  • 5. Best IT Hosting standards
  • 6. Fairly priced hosting services
  • 7. 11 experience in hosting industry
  • 8. Customer friendly Service Level Agreement


  • Leadership
  • Commitment
  • Business Continuity
  • Hard Work
  • Strong Standards



  • Level 3
  • Cogent
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Midwest Peering
  • Layer 2 Transport on demand


  • ARIN Member
  • AS46873
  • Juniper managed
  • IPv6 ready
  • Multiple Peers


  • APC/Schneider
  • OpenNebula Cloud
  • KVM Virtualization
  • CentOS
  • CloudLinux
  • cPanel/WHM
  • KSplice


  • Supermicro
  • Intel
  • Juniper
  • WD & Seagate