General TOS

The General Terms And Conditions (also "Conditions for use of services", "Terms of Service", "Terms" or TOS) are part of the Service Agreement (Service Level Agreement) and the guarantee of the delivery of services (SLA) and regulate relations between Host Color LLC (DBA: HC, HostColor, Host Color or and the clients and using the services. As an HostColor customer, you agree to abide by the "Terms", together with other parts of the Agreement.

1. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Apply to all services) provides Cloud infrastructure and web hosting services from data centers - in various U.S. and International locations. Each of our clients who choose to keep websites, computing instances, or any other form of data in a Host Color LLC data center accepts that it must comply with the national standards and legislation associated with the use of web content in that country. HostColor provides advice to its clients when sending a request to hosting services and limits their use, but assumes no obligation to automatically inform them about what type of content is acceptable or unacceptable in that country.

Host Color will create and activate your hosting account after receiving payment for the commissioned service and upon approval by our technical team. Service classes requesting "Cloud Servers", "Virtual Servers" and "Leased servers" must fill out a Service Order and/or sign a contract with Host Color LLC, where one is required. Installation fees required for specific services are nonrefundable. Amounts that the customer has paid for the use of hosting services are subject to financial guarantees as follows:
a) Web (Website) Hosting - 30-day money back guarantee
b) Fully Managed Shared Hosting (FMSA) - 30-day for hosting fee. The Managed Services fee is non-refundable
c) Reseller Accounts - 7-day money back guarantee
d) Virtual Private Servers - 15-day money back guarantee
e) Dedicated Servers (Server Bargains) - no money back guarantee, if not expressly entered into a contract
f) Colocation Hosting - no money back guarantee
g) Cloud Servers - no money-back guarantee, if not expressly entered into a contract

Correspondence between Host Color LLC and the client should be done in Account Management & Customer Service Center located at a web address or by electronic mail (E-Mail). Service by telephone or any other means of communication programs such as messaging and internet telephone is a secondary channel for communication for the client and is intended to improve convenience and service. These aforementioned channels are not considered official in terms of communication between you and Host Color LLC. Using one of these channels for the award of work, communication of technical problems or to send messages is not evidence of communication between the client and Host Color LLC. and cannot serve as evidence in disputes relating to service quality or performance standards and guarantees as stated in the present conditions and in this Agreement.

When using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and other payment instruments in real time, the customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information being supplied. In the event of a delay in the processing of the order and the payment data's correctness is still your responsibility. In order to ensure the reliability of payment customer service operators may ask for copies of identification papers, or other evidence that proves that you are the card owner. You are not obligated to provide any personal information, but if an employee of Host Color LLC cannot identify you, we may cancel your order.

If you are a new customer, upon your request, team Host Color LLC can transfer your website to our servers as a courtesy service. However, in order to achieve a high quality of services; we expect full cooperation from you with the data and account transfer. If problems of any nature occur, Host Color LLC is not responsible for your data, your account, and your personal information.

When you take advantage of this type of service you acknowledge that the different platforms and web hosting providers often use have varied technology standards, settings, and hosting environments. Therefore, in order to better serve you in the process of moving your website team Host Color requests that you begin the transfer of information at least 30 days before the expiration of your domain name and at least 30 days before the service to use with another provider is expired.

Host Color LLC is a business-class cloud service and web hosting provider suitable for hosting quality websites and projects that have clear development plans. All services that we create and provide to our clients must be used for legitimate activities only. As a customer, you agree that HostColor is not responsible for the content of your website and that you will not have claims brought up against Host Color LLC related to the way you use the services provided.

Below you see examples (that include but are not limited) of websites, activities, and prohibited content on Host Color's service class "Web Hosting" (Shared Hosting) and "Reseller Hosting":
* Topsites and top site lists software for indexing
* IRC bots and programs (Scripts/Bots)
* Proxy Agenda and anonymity (Scripts Anonymizers)
* Warez pirate software and content
* Programs such as Photo Hosting at Photobucket and class Tinypic
* Programs and auto-surf Web sites and generate traffic (AutoSurf / PTC / PTS / PPC)
* Websites and programs to scan IP addresses and information
* Bruteforce programs and tools
* Program to send a mass e-mail or SPAM
* Programs and Systems for rotation of banners, with the exception of those included on the services
* Programs Dump files or create mirror images of sites (Mirror Scripts like Rapidshare)
* Commercial software programs and for transfer of audio files (audio Streaming)
* Brokerage, bank, or financial data
* Web sites with investment information
* Programs and applications requiring large amounts of CPU time and resources
* Websites connected to lottery and/or gambling
* Basic bank programs
* Sites and pages with content relating to appeals or racial slurs, intolerance, sexism, and aggression
* Hacker sites or sites with tips for overcoming the copyrights or removing them
* Websites that promote illegal activities
* Forums or social networks, which serve as distribution of warez, pirated or illegal content
* Sites that serve to defraud lift personal data and prepare or conduct falsifications

The following types of websites, content, and data - Topsites and top site lists software for indexing; Proxy Agenda and anonymity (Scripts Anonymizers); Programs such as Photo Hosting at Photobucket and class Tinypic; Programs and auto surf Web sites and generate traffic (AutoSurf / PTC / PTS / PPC); Programs and Systems for rotation of banners, with the exception of those included on the services; Programs Dump file or create mirror images of sites (Mirror Scripts like Rapidshare); Commercial software programs and for transfer of audio files (audio Streaming); Brokerage, bank or financial data; Web sites with investment information; Programs and applications requiring large amount of CPU time and resources; Websites connected to lottery and/or gambling; Basic bank programs - are allowed on Virtual Machines and Virtual Servers, Cloud Servers, Dedicated servers, and Colocation accounts.


When we use the words "web address", "domain", "internet name", "web name", "name", "domain" or "domain name" in this section of the "Conditions" means each "domain name" (Domain Name).

All domains registered by HostColor for customers entering the Whois database with names and contacts of their owners. Placing correct data - name, address, telephone, etc. - In the fields for contacts in the registration of web addresses is required. Putting inaccurate or false information is the basis for to suspend services.

Each domain that you register may be placed on status "Confidential" (Whois Privacy Shield), which allows you to hide your domain contacts and personal data from the internet audience. In the case of legal claims or disputes, Host Color LLC will disclose personal information only to authorities, who have jurisdiction and a legal right to obtain such information about the owner of the domain.

As a customer, you agree that the fees that you pay for domain registration cannot be recovered from Host Color if your domain is already registered. Registration of a web address (domain) is entirely at your own expense, and once registered name cannot be changed. The domain is your property and Host Color is not liable for any error in registration; you must pay the registration fee for a new domain if you want the web address to be changed.

The domain is your property until the expiration of its registration. As an owner, you wear full responsibility for the renewal of the web address and release of Host Color of any liability to retain, pay, or care for your domain if it has not been paid within seven (7) days before its expiration date.

Each of the web addresses (domain) a customer registers is governed by certain rules which are determined by the owner and the principal register in the area. Upon registration of a domain, you agree to the overriding conditions of ICANN and other regional, and national registers. Any violation of any of them can lead to loss of ownership of your domain.

As the owner of the web address you are responsible for its renewal. If the date for the continuation of ownership of a domain is missed, will examine options for returning your property on the domain, but this is not a commitment that will restore your rights to the corresponding name. Upon recovery of the domain (General TLD - COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, EU, WS, etc.), whose subscription has expired, the customer must pay a redemption fee between $30 and $150. This fee is required under the rules of ICANN and domain registration partners of Host Color LLC. If Host Color can restore the ownership on an already expired domain without paying this fee, you also are exempt from this fee.

If you want to transfer your domain from one register to another, including to the system of Host Color or beyond, you are required to make a request at least 21 days before the expiration date of web addresses. Failure to comply with this condition could pose a possible risk to your transferred domain, and thus gives Host Color the automatic right to refuse implementation. When transferring a domain the customer is required to pay all charges which stem from the move in or out of the Host Color LLC.


All website hosting services of Host Color meet the highest Linux-based hosting standards of quality in the hosting industry and are produced by software owned by Host Color LLC.

Using Website Hosting (Shared Hosting) accounts for the storage of backup data (backup/storage) is not allowed except in the case of using the control panel of your hosting account or FTP client to create an external copy of your data and information.

Host Color LLC shall make weekly copies of the information and websites if utilizing the class of Website Hosting services.

Websites that use more than 10 GB disk space will be removed from the arrays with backup copies of the information. If you have one website, we recommend a volume reduction and using a virtual server or taking care to have a backup copy of your information. Despite these restrictions, Host Color LLC will continue to store backup copies of the database of such websites.

All Managed Web Hosting Accounts (also called Fully Managed Shared Hosting Accounts or abbreviated FMSA) are hosted in standardized Linux-based virtual hosting environments and share the resources of the underlying physics or a virtual server. No technical exceptions apply to the resource usage of Managed Web Hosting accounts unless otherwise specified in an Online Service Order or in a support ticket.

All fees paid for Managed Web Hosting accounts and services are non-refundable, except the fees for the remaining 11 service months for FMSA accounts, without registered violations of TOS and AUP, which are eligible for a refund in accordance with Host Color's 30-day Money Back Guarantee policy. A Customer who has signed up for an annual Managed service (FMSA) on a Shared Account is eligible for a refund of the outstanding eleven (11) FMSA fees if a proper "Request for Cancelation" has been submitted from the Account Management Zone at, within 30 days after the sign-up date. If such a request is submitted in accordance with the procedures described in the Legal section and in the Knowledgeable section of, the Customer will receive a full refund for fees paid for all Unmanaged web hosting services plus a refund for all unused FMSA service months. The prepaid annual FMSA services are non-refundable outside the 30-day Money Back Guarantee policy. Host Color assumes and Customer acknowledges that if an FMSA service has been purchased on annual basis, on 12-month prepayment, the Customer had the intention to use it for a 12-month period and wanted to take advantage of the discounted price of the service.


Host Color LLC uses OS virtualization and full virtualization technology to create virtual servers and provide this service to their customers. All software products are ours and our partners, such as Parallels. You may not alter or attempt to change system settings on the software products or rights of use and intellectual property on them.

All virtual servers and VPS hosting services produced by Host Color LLC ( are available to our customers without service management (Unmanaged). The client is obliged to manage the virtual server and should not expect Host Color LLC to work on a VPS hosting account. This part of the conditions for use is for the protection and the information and to ensure the quality of services that a customer uses. Any attempt to breach is grounds for termination of service.

Every customer of HostColor, who wants to use management services on a virtual server, cloud server, or a physical dedicated server should send a request from the Account Management & Customer Service Center to buy a subscription service named "FM VPS". The cost of the managed services varies depending on the type of infrastructure service used by the Customer and is specified on the order page or inside the product description.

Host Color LLC creates and registers your virtual servers for a period of 1 to 24 hours after receipt of payment and activation of your VPS hosting account. You agree to cooperate with any delay in your order due to the workload of our staff and the fact that other customers have ordered our company services and products that require work on our team to put into service. The time required for installation and commissioning is different than the burden of the workload of team Host Color LLC.

All conditions for the use of virtual servers of Host Color LLC are subject to the General Service Agreement, including "limits the use of the service". Any violation of this Agreement entitles Host Color LLC to terminate the service.

Host Color LLC may provide customers with virtual servers on a free license any open-source server automation software for managing their virtual or physical servers in an attempt to reduce the costs of managing their accounts. Be aware that the developers of any open-source in use by you own the copyright over the software. Attempts to modify its functionality, for violation of its integrity and functionality are in breach of the Agreement and an offense under copyright law.

The Customer shall not permit any of its employees, representatives, 3rd party contractors, users, its own customers, or third parties to host, transmit, broadcast, or deliver any services in support of websites, software products, or services related to Unsolicited Bulk e-mail activities. The Customer acknowledges that a violation of this part of the Terms of Services shall result in a) Immediate and permanent Cloud account termination; b) A Penalty fee, an equivalent to $100 per any 1 Mbps transmitted data during the dates of recorded Unsolicited Bulk e-mail activity; c) The Customer to be held financially accountable for all residual financial liabilities incurred by Host Color due to violation of any ISPs or wholesale IP bandwidth providers' Acceptable Use Policies.; f) The Customer will be held financially responsible for all financial liabilities and labor costs incurred by Host Color repairing the damage of the Unsolicited Bulk e-mail activity, for example, any RBL de-listing activity.

5. DEDICATED SERVERS (Dedicated Hosting)

5.1 Host Color LLC provides Dedicated Server Hosting And Services to customers from their own Colocation Data Centers in the U.S. and Europe and from third-party data centers, where the company has a presence as a tenant. Detailed terms of service for the use of our Dedicated hosting services are outlined in the Dedicated Hosting Terms & Conditions The Dedicated Hosting Terms and Conditions (DSHTC), also called “Dedicated Server Hosting Agreement” or “Dedicated Hosting Agreement”, are designed to regulate the process of designing and providing the highest level of service available for Dedicated Server Hosting And Services delivered from Host Color's own data centers. If Customer has opted for Dedicated Server Hosting And Services delivered from 3rd party facilities, other terms may apply in addition to this Dedicated Hosting Agreement.

5.2 We strongly encourage Customers to make themselves known with HostColor's Dedicated Hosting Terms And Conditions. Should you have any questions, concerns, or special requests, or if you need a separate Dedicated Hosting Agreement to be signed, you may contact HostColor to discuss it.

6. COLOCATION (Colocation Services)

6.1 Host Color LLC provides Leased IT Colocation Space And Services (Colocation Services) to customers from their own and third-party Colocation Data Centers, where the company has a presence as a tenant.

6.2 All Colocation Services of Host Color are delivered on one (1) year contracts unless other has been promised in written communication to the customer and or the Customer has been granted any shorter contract term through a Service Order signed by Host Color's representative

6.3 Special Colocation Terms and Conditions (CTC) apply to all Host Color's Leased IT Colocation Space And Services ("Colocation Services"). We strongly encourage Customers to make themselves known with Host Color's Colocation Agreement.

6.4 Should a Colocation Customer has any questions or requests or if one needs any specific clauses or amendments in the Colocation Agreement, the Customer may contacts Host Color LLC to discuss a contract on Leased IT Colocation Space And Services and the Agreement that applies to them.

6.5 Upon Agreement of a Service Order, Host Color shall provide Leased IT Colocation Space And Services to Customer as stated in the Colocation Terms and Conditions (Colocation Agreement).

6.6 A Host Color's Colocation Customer, its customers, and representatives registered in the customer's Account are: a) Granted restricted access to Host Color data center and infrastructure upon request (requires approval); b) Use of the online services through; c) Management services that Host Color provides to Colocation customers.

6.7 If a Colocation Customer wants to authorize any individuals, who are not registered in the system, to access the Customer's equipment, one needs to fill in a "Data Center Access Registration" (DCAR) form. The customer and its representatives and individuals specified in a DCAR form shall not allow any unauthorized persons to enter the data center. The Customer, its representatives, and individuals specified in a DCAR form are granted access only to this part of the data center, room, cage, and cabinet, where the Customer's equipment is collocated.

The Customer, its representatives, and individuals authorized access to the equipment through a DCAR form, agree to abide by all security and safety measures and procedures established by Host Color. They shall not do or participate in any of the following:

  • Misuse or abuse any Host Color equipment, property, or third-party equipment
  • Make unauthorized use of any equipment owned by other Host Color customers
  • Harass Host Color's employees or data center personnel

HostColor accepts only equipment from customers which meet certain requirements. All outside servers used must be adapted for insertion into a rack (cabinet) and must have their own strips. Moreover, outside servers must be in a box adaptable for placement in a server box (rack-mountable).

6.8 All equipment and appliances installed must be clearly labeled with a label approved by HostColor through the Account Management & Customer Service system. Each communication cable to and from any server, networking device, or appliance must be labeled with a label, customer’s name, or code name approved b Host Color at both endpoints of the connection. The Customer's equipment must be configured and operated, during the whole colocation term, in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements for power use, consumption, management, and clearance requirements. The Customer must provide Host Color with 24 prior notice, any time if one intends to connect or disconnect any equipment and 72 hours prior notice any time one intends to install new or remove existing equipment.

6.9 Host Color customers of Leased IT Colocation Space And Services are encouraged to provide spare parts (power supply, hard drives, etc.) that can be used for replacement in the event that a component of the customer-owned server stops working.

6.10 Host Color needs to conduct routine scheduled maintenance of its infrastructure, network, and data center facilities. In case of a mission-critical situation, Host Color may need to perform emergency maintenance. During any such scheduled and/or emergency maintenance periods, the Customer’s equipment may be unable to transmit and receive data and the Customer may not be able to access the equipment. In such situations, in accordance with these Terms of Services, the Customer agrees to assist Host Color if necessary and to cooperate with Host Color during any scheduled or emergency maintenance periods.

6.11 The Customer accepts that Host Color has no control whatsoever over the data and information hosted or passed through the Customer’s equipment, websites, and hosted applications. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the data hosted or transmitted complies with all applicable laws and regulations and these Terms of Service.

The Customer shall not permit any of its employees, representatives, individuals specified in a DCAR form, 3rd party contractors, users, its own customers, or third parties to:

  • Host, transmit, broadcast, or deliver any services in support of websites, software products, or services related to Unsolicited Bulk e-mail activities. The Customer acknowledges that a violation of this part of the Terms of Services shall result in: a) Immediate and permanent termination of power, data, and remote access to the equipment; b) A Penalty fee, equivalent of $100 per any 1 Mbps transmitted data during the dates of recorded Unsolicited Bulk e-mail activity; c) An immediate and permanent forfeiture of all pre-paid cabinet, compartment, colocation units and connectivity charges and forfeiture of ownership of all equipment used for Unsolicited Bulk e-mail activity; d) Revocation of physical access to Host Color data center; e) The Customer to be held financially accountable for all residual financial liabilities incurred by Host Color due to violation of any ISPs or wholesale IP bandwidth providers's Acceptable Use Policies.; f) The Customer will be held financially responsible for all financial liabilities and labor costs incurred by Host Color repairing damage of the Unsolicited Bulk e-mail activity, for example any RBL de-listing activity.
  • Use the Host Color's network and Internet connectivity services for any illegal purposes, in violation of any applicable laws or regulations or in violation of the rules of any other service providers or websites

6.12 Host Color reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the Leased IT Colocation Space And Services partially or in full at any time if there is a material failure of Customer, its representatives, and individuals specified in a DCAR form or Users to comply with these Terms of Service.


Customers who use HostColor's Cloud infrastructure services agree to abide by the Cloud Hosting Terms & Conditions. The HostColor's Cloud infrastructure users acknowledge and agree that maintaining copies of their data is not part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and these General Terms of Service (TOS) and the Cloud Hosting Terms & Conditions unless they have purchased data backup services. If the Customer does not purchase a data backup service, Host Color LLC is not obliged to make a copy of the data stored on the customer's cloud infrastructure and therefore will not be liable for any loss of data the customer had stored on servers. This includes any loss of data due to hardware failure or any other type of system error. In cases of data loss when the customer has no explicit clause for HostColor to provide a copy of the information, Host Color LLC will not be liable for any damages that the client suffers as a result of loss of information.


SSL certificates (SSL certificates): Host Color LLC offers its customers the opportunity to use 28/1024 bit SSL certificates. The client pays in full in advance for the wanted certificate. All paid fees for the use of SSL certificates are final and not refundable.

Static IP (Dedicated IP address): A Dedicated IP addresses can be provided the client if deemed necessary. These fees are non-refundable even if the client declines the use of the service.

Domains (Domain names): The customer is responsible for his chosen domain name and the correctness of the symbols within it. Paying for the domain registration fee is non-refundable even if the client wants to withdraw from the service used. When registering a domain, the client remains the owner for the period in which it is registered and paid.

SEO Plan (Website Optimization): This service includes reviewing the content of Web pages and the website code and a written report providing recommendations on improving the optimization of the customer's website. The service does not include coding work on the website of the customer.


The Internet Access and IP Service (also "Service") is regulated by Network Services Service Agreement (NSSA). NSSA applies when a customer signs: a) Order Form; b) Terms, as defined in a document customer receives with NSSA, which have to be signed by the Customer with the Network Services Service Agreement (NSSA).

Pursuant to the NSSA, Host Color provides Internet Access and IP Service to Customer for service charges. Customer's signature on the Order Form or use of the Internet Access and IP Service or Host Color Network constitutes one's acknowledgement and agreement to be bound by the NSSA.

Each Initial Term of the Internet Access and IP Service is indicated on the applicable Order Form. Customer will be deemed to have accepted the Service as of the Service Date. At the end of the Initial Term, the NSSA will renew for successive Renewal Terms equal in length to the Initial Term unless and until terminated as provided herein.

Internet Access and IP Service charges are on the Order Form and do not include applicable Taxes unless so indicated. New Internet Access and IP Service or upgrades/relocations will result in additional fees/charges. If a prior Internet Access and IP Service location remains installed after a new Service location is installed, Customer will be responsible for Service charges for both Service locations until terminated as provided for each Service.

Invoices are sent monthly in advance. The Customer agrees to pay all charges and applicable taxes for the Service upon receipt of the invoice without counterclaim, set-off, or deduction. A late charge shall be added to the Customer's past due balance of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum legal rate. Host Color may change the specifications, Terms, or charges for the Service for any upcoming Renewal Term by providing the Customer at least sixty (60) days advance written notice. The Customer agrees that its obligation to pay service charges and Taxes under this NSSA shall survive the termination of the NSSA.

If HostColor fails to provide the Internet Access and IP Service, the Customer is eligible to get a pro-rata refund based on the "1 hour = 1 day" formula for any period of time in which the Internet Access and IP Service was not provided. The Customer is not eligible for a refund if the uplink or the Service chosen by the Customer is down due to scheduled maintenance, for contracts in which the Customer has specifically opted in to use an Internet Access and IP Service from a specific uplink or IP bandwidth carrier and decided not to use a redundant Internet Access and IP Service.

Customers claiming tax exemption must provide Host Color with a properly executed exemption form. Termination, Restriction, or Suspension of the Internet Access and IP Service is specified in the Network Services Service Agreement (NSSA).


You agree to make a payment for the Host Color's services, in advance of the time period during which they are provided. You understand and agree that until and unless you submit a cancelation request (Subject to Terms and Conditions) to Host Color LLC through your Account Management Zone, in which you state that you desire to cancel any or all services received, those services will be billed on a recurring basis. Please note that this includes the billing periods in which these services might be suspended for any violations of these Terms of Services.

All cancellations must be submitted through Account Management & Customer Services system from the button "Request Cancelation", which can be found at "Client Area > My Products & Services > Product Details" for any particular service, at least 5 (five) days prior to the new billing date. Once we receive your request for cancellation and have confirmed all necessary information with you via e-mail if necessary, we will process your request (Subject to the Terms and Conditions) or will open a support ticket if we need any additional information or have to get any approval from you.

A Host Color LLC Sales or Customer Support operator shall confirm your request (and process the cancellation). If you do not hear back from us or do not receive the automatic confirmation email, after submitting your cancellation request, please contact us at 1-888-222-1495.

We require that any cancellation of service or product to be done through your Account Zone in order to a) confirm your identity, b) confirm in writing that you are prepared for all files, e-mail account and any other information to be removed from our servers.

Should you have initiated a chargeback against Host Color and violated our Terms of Service all hosting services and products of yours might be suspended, until the chargeback is resolved/canceled. Should you have initiated a chargeback against Host Color, you agree to pay a penalty fee of $150 for each reversed payment amount.

As a customer of Host Color, you are solely responsible to keep your payment information up to date, and that all invoices are paid on time. You agree that until and unless you notify Host Color LLC of your desire to cancel any or all services received (as the procedure is explained in the TOS), those services should be billed on a recurring basis, in accordance with the Service Order, unless otherwise stated in writing in our Terms of Service and Terms and Conditions that apply to any specific products and services. Host Color LLC reserves the right to bill your credit card or payment information on file in its system. We provide 7 days grace period from the time the invoice is generated and when it must be paid. Any invoice that is outstanding for 7 days and is not paid will result in a late payment fee of 2.25% and/or an account suspension applies to the invoice. It must be paid in full as a part of the outstanding balance.

The late payment fee is added on the expiry date of the service or product. Please note that no discounts are available for services or products that have not been renewed prior to the expiration date.

Any customer may cancel a service 5 (five) days before the start of the new service period, via a "Request Cancelation" button, which can be found on the product or service page in their Account Management and Customer Service system. HostColor guarantees a 30-day money-back guarantee on Shared Hosting paid on annual basis. A 7-day money-back guarantee applies to Reseller accounts paid on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis. Cancellations requested submitted for Shared or Reseller Hosting services after the initial 30 days will not be granted renewal.

Any customer who has missed submitting a cancelation request ("Request Cancelation") for a Shared Hosting or Reseller Hosting service through, five (5) days prior to the start of the new service month, and has been charged is eligible to get a partial, pro-rata refund for the unused service months. A $10 (10 US dollars) "Cancelation Fee" applies to the account! If the customer has requested a refund within 30 days after the payment has been made (after the renewal date), one has to pay 1/12 of the annual price of the Shared Hosting Account plus the "Cancelation Fee".

Any products or services for which HostColor did not receive a cancelation request made from the Customer in the Account Management and Customer Service system at, through the button "Request Cancelation" must be paid by the Customer and any unpaid invoice will be due. Unpaid invoices for more than 30 days after the due date will be sent to our Collection department and to a debt collection agency and will be reported to all credit bureaus.


"Limits of use of services" are an integral part of the Agreement (SLA). The customer agrees to them by submitting a commission of service (Service Order) on the HostColor website and is aware that violation of the rules means that the service they use will be terminated in accordance with the Agreement. Printed as "Limits" or "Rules", these terms have the same meaning as "limits of use of services.

All inquiries relating to the policy of HostColor terms of norms can be sent to our e-mail via the contact form and the Account Management and Customer Service system.


A customer may not use the network of or of our suppliers and partners to participate, encourage or promote illegal, fraudulent activities or to demonstrate irresponsible behavior. This includes but is not limited to the following activities:
* There is no right to encourage, support or give support to the infringement of copyrights, software licenses, trademark rights, and all other kinds of property.
* No right to perform unauthorized and improper access to data, systems, or networks and no right to use the services and network access as Host Color such.
* There is no right to use the services and network of Host Color for breakthroughs in technology systems and networks to overcome the security systems and distorting the law to access personal data without the express written permission of the owner of these networks or data.
* There is no right to make the transfer of monitoring data or traffic on any network or system without the express written consent of its owner.
* There is no right to interfere in the network or any other network, including sending unsolicited and unauthorized e-mail for commercial purposes and sending any electronic queries that lead to load or limiting the ability of systems and networks.
* There is no right to use the hosting account of another customer/person without his written permission.
* There is no right to use the network of Host Color for the collection or use of electronic mail addresses or other identifiers without the express consent of the other party. This includes but is not limited to, spamming, theft of passwords, or collecting personal information without the consent of the owner.
* There is no right to use false, misleading, or false TCP-IP information and data in an e-mail (Email) or newsgroups (Newsgroup).
* There is no right to use the services or network Host Color to distribute software that collects information about users or send or receive such.
* There is no right to use the services of to use software for the delivery and display of advertising media and distribution of advertising content unless: (a) the user or owner of the website is not clearly stated their willingness to accept such ads or software (b) The software cannot be removed easily with standard tools available in the major operating systems.
* There is no right to use the network Host Color in activities that violate the laws of the State of Delaware, U.S. Federal law, and/or any other International legislation.
* There is no right to use the Host Color services, products, and network to offend, or insult employees, customers, partners, or agents of Host Color LLC.
* There is no right to encourage, support, or tolerate any activities that lead to a server or network component Host Color being subject to DoS or DDoS attacks (denial of service attacks).


If Host Color LLC, our Partners, Resellers, Affiliates, or any of their employees, agents, or suppliers are faced with a legal claim by a 3rd party arising out of your actual or alleged negligence, willful misconduct, violation of law, failure to meet the security obligations required by this Service Agreement, violation of the AUP or violation of the Terms and Conditions, then you will pay all the cost of defending this claim (including reasonable attorney fees) and any damages award, fine or amount that is imposed to Host Color Indemnitees as a result of the claim.

Your obligations under this subsection include claims arising out of the acts or carelessness of your employees, any other person to whom you have given access to your account and/or services and products used with Host Color LLC and any person who gains access to your account, services or products as a result of your failure to use reasonable security precautions. If you resell Host Color's services, the grounds for indemnification stated above also include any claim brought by your customers or end users.

You must comply with reasonable requests of Host Color LLC or any agents authorized by us for assistance and cooperation in the defense of the claim.

14. MASS E-MAIL COMMUNICATIONS (Bulk or Commercial Email)

Every Host Color customer is obliged to comply with international legislation against spam and the rules concerning the unauthorized use of email. All customers are required to abide by the terms of the usage of e-mail with the following laws and directives:
* CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 United States federal law setting standards in the electronic correspondence
* EU 95/46/ES Directive on data protection
* EU 2002/58/ES Directive for the processing of personal data and confidentiality of electronic communications
* Directive 2000/31/EC of services related to information society
* Directive 97/66/EC of confidentiality and privacy in the telecommunications sector

Please note that recipients of your sent e-mail should have given you express consent to send details of your offers and other electronic communications of a commercial nature, which invites them to conclude the transaction or to buy the product or service.

You may not send a message to standard mailing addresses that have not expressly consented to receive news or another form of correspondence from you. This includes even your existing customers.

If we receive complaints from third parties that have received spam from your web address, Host Color will require you to present clear evidence that you are authorized to send messages via email.

With the creation and management of mailing lists (email lists) and newsgroups, it is extremely important that the recipients have access to a visible link to a subscription web page in which their email address can be immediately removed from the ballot or the list of recipients.

If you send emails to recipients who have given their permission to receive messages from you, there must be a web page on your site that serves as a place where complaints related to spamming and other types of e-mail abuse can be addressed. Furthermore, it is mandatory for you to register a relevant e-mail address at if you work in international markets and if you send electronic mail to other U.S. recipients.

You also are required to have a clearly defined policy of confidentiality and respond quickly to any queries and complaints from recipients.

In addition, you should not attempt to send an e-mail to an address in which three consecutive failed attempts to deliver your mail have occurred. The time period between the third and final refused attempt from that address should not be less than 15 business days.

The above rules apply for the services used in conjunction with and messages sent from mail servers that serve external e-mails. Host Color reserves the right at any time to monitor the observance of the above rules and to check whether customers of Host Color are complying with the standards of this agreement and limits of the use of this service.

Attempts to find a vulnerability (Vulnerability Testing): To test or scan with the intention of trying to penetrate or test the vulnerability of systems of or under any circumstance to try and breakthrough network security and the system of authentication without the express permission of Host Color is not permitted.

Newsgroups, Chat and networks (Newsgroup, Chat Forums, Other Networks): Customers must comply with the rules and the agreements of published content in forums, chat groups, or other types of internet communities and discussion formats, which allow users to take part as IRC and USENET groups. Observance of their rules is mandatory. You will be denied use of services if found in direct violations of the rules in the above communities.

Aggressive offensive content (Offensive Content): The publication and sending of offensive and aggressive content on servers in the network or links to any content of this nature is a violation of the Agreement. In our network, you may not:
* Store, promote, encourage, or tolerate child pornography and other forms of brutality
* Invite violence, approve forms of violence, justify forms of violence, or threaten violence
* Offend people, groups of people, or different ethnic groups
* Infringe on privacy
* Create safety or health hazards in the lives of individuals
* Violate public or health safety, national security, or disrupt the investigation of authorized bodies of the Judiciary
* Violate of laws that protect consumers, no matter the jurisdiction, and to perform fraudulent pyramid schemes
* Violate trade secrets or post information owned by others
* Support third-party infringement on copyrights and licenses
* Violate the property rights of other people or organizations, trademarks, patents, or other forms of intellectual property
* Promote illegal activities such as dissemination of drug information to support the spread of drugs, illegal gambling, illegal arms trafficking, people, money, or goods

It is important to know that the content published, sent, or received through the Host Color network or through Host Color equipment includes web content, e-mail, posting messages in forums, chat, and other publications, or transmission of information on the Internet.

Materials subject to copyright (Copyrighted Material): Customers may not use the network and equipment of Host Color to download, publish, distribute, copy, or other activity which relates to copyright infringement, including text, music, software, artwork, photos, video and sound files and any other files in which the right to use such copyrighted material has not been granted. Exceptions are:
* Cases when authorized by the copyright owner to use the material
* When authorization to use copyrighted material from relevant institutions in the texts of non-infringement of Copyright Act is applicable

Otherwise Host Color may without notice terminate the use of the service.

Information on the web address (Domain Contacts): Customers of Host Color LLC are required to provide accurate and current information about registered domains and other services that are used or available for use by third parties, if they use the direct Services of Host Color.

When using the services of Host Color LLC customers may only use IP addresses provided by

As part of the "rules" to which customers agree is that if the IP address (property which is available for your use is found to be used for spam activities by any of the internet databases and/or organizations that fight SPAM, like Spamhaus, Spews, NJABL, etc., the customer is automatically found in violation of the "limits the use of service. In such a case may take any steps it deems necessary to protect its IP numbers. This includes termination of services and prohibition of access to the server or hosting account. This action will be taken whether or not the corresponding IP address has fallen onto the prohibition list because of your actions or for some other reasons.

Consequences of violation of norms "(Consequences of Violation of AUP): may impose penalty charges on customers who violate "limits the use of the services" and consequently cause a technical problem in a system or network Host Color and jeopardize our other customers.

The penalty charge is the amount of $350 for each hour in which our team is forced to work on the restoration of security, network, or services. This fee does not cover any damages to equipment and inquiries necessary to investigate the violations of rules, or benefits owed to other customers under this Agreement as a result of this violation of the AUP, and any other damages, which the company or/and other customers suffers as a result of a violation of limits on the use of the service.