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Free, 24/7 Technical Support

1. We provide our Web Hosting (Self-Managed Web Hosting) service clients with Free, 24/7 technical support. We also walk the extra mile for Shared Account Users, by providing them with advice or assisting them in fixing various client-side issues, something that most other web hosting providers do not do. The customers who use our Clouds Servers also get Free, 24/7 infrastructure support. Unlike AWS, Azure, and other major clouds, we do not bill our clients for server-side support. We believe it should be always free of charge.


Transparent Web Hosting Service Model

When it comes to Shared Web Hosting, we do not use tricks like "Introductory offers" to persuade or even force our customers to overpay for web hosting services. Other providers push for 2-year or even 3-year contracts, we don't. when you go to our online service order pages you will see that they are designed with the purpose for our clients to choose from various options and customize the services. We never try to upsell our clients during the order process, something that many hosting providers do.


Flexibility & High Availability Cloud Services

HostColor always lets you choose. There are always options to scale up or scale down your Web Hosting plan, VPS, or Public Cloud Server plans. We do not ignore any scalability requests simply because you have just renewed your service on an annual subscription. Our clients who use Hosted Private Cloud or Public Cloud Servers can avoid application delivery interruptions by taking an advantage of our Cloud Servers with high availability and fault tolerance. When our clients order Dedicated Server Hosting, we take our time to discuss the options and offer the most scalable bare-metal server configuration - one that would allow CPU RAM and storage to be added on the go, with the lowest possible interruption of the services. is famous for its web hosting services since 1999. You can also Compare Cloud Services to find out why HC is a preferred Cloud IaaS provider. If you need a powerful physical server, go to our Dedicated Hosting section. To review all all services and digital products, please take a look at SiteMap.