We have created an Affiliate program that pays more, because you deserve to earn more!

Affiliate Program

Join our Cost Per Influence Affiliate (CPI) Program. Unlike other web hosts' affiliate programs Host Color always pays and you do not wait a couple of months to get your money. We combine CPA (Cost Per Action) model with CPC (Cost Per Click) to give our affiliates a high payout rate and best possible experience. Other web hosts pay only when you make a sale for them. In all other cases you promote their services and products for free. Host Color offers much more fair affiliation.

As Host Color Affiliate your earn money both when you send us new customers and when you send us targeted visitors. This means that as our affiliate you always get money! Are you interested to become Host Color affiliate?



We share with our affiliates between 25% and 35% of our revenue. This is fair rate which allows both sides to grow - you make real money, we grow our business and invest in better web hosting services and products.

How do we pay?

Example: Verified Affiliates (Customers of Host Color) who make a sale for $100, between 20th and 30th of October get the earned commission of $25 between 1st and 10th of November. Non-verified get the paid for the sales the make 30 days after the ends of the month when the made a sale.

Please note that unlike other web hosts who sell cheap shared hosting, Host Color allows you to promote VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting services. This means you can make $99.75 per sale when someone who comes to Host Color from your website signs up for a Dedicated Power server.

People who need web hosting service always buy when they get to Host Color's website, because we provide quality service and don't leave our customers unsatisfied.


As you know, Affiliate programs work on Cost Per Action (CPA or Pay-Per-Sale) model. Other web hosts' affiliates get paid only when they make a sale. Host Color appreciates your hard work and website business. We add Reward Points to your affiliate account each time when you send us an unique visitor. At the end of accounting period, per your request, we transform Reward Points into real money. This makes our Affiliate Program probably the fairest and the best one in web hosting industry.

Each reward point is costs from $0.01 to $0.35, depending of the quality of the website traffic and the website of the Affiliate partner. The affiliates who place our banners and links on highly targeted web hosting related sites can earn up to $0.35 per each unique visitor sent to Host Color.

Please note that you must be a customer of Host Color to qualify for the "Cost Per Influence Program" (CPI)! We can make an exception for owners of web hosting media, web hosting directories and popular web hosting blogs and review sites. The can join the "Cost Per Influence" program even if they are not customers of Host Color.

Host Color's Customers Earn More

Host Color's customers are encouraged to join our CPI Affilaite Program. We appreciate their business and give them higher rates. They earn between $0.5 and $0.45 per each unique visitor they send to our pages. Our customers who has joined the Affilaite Program also receive higher commission per sale - 35%. So if you have a quality website, you should consider to move it to Host Color! You will save money! Please use any of the promotional codes listed in section - Web Hosting Coupons.

Please note that our customers can use your their CPC Reward Points to pay their web hosting bills or to purchase any kind of web hosting services and products from Host Color.

* Please note that Host Color pays per click only to Affiliates who place our banners and text ads on a websites that cover web hosting industry's related topics - such as web hosting, web design, SEO, web marketing, etc.


It is very easy to affiliate with us. Please register as Affiliate in our Account Zone. Once the registration is completed, please go to Affiliate Portal and log in to your account!

We will review your request and once you get approval, you'll receive email from us. It takes no more than 12 hours (usually less than 1 hour) to get approved. We usually approve new affiliates within minutes. If you want to speed up your approval please open a support ticket in our system.

Please make sure you have read our Popup" text="affiliate agreement"} before you submit your affiliate information.


- Safe and Secure "Account Zone" to manage Profile, web hosting services and products, domains and to pay your bills.

- 100% network uptime thanks to Host Color's fully-redundant network (Level3, Internap, Tiscali). Fast loading websites from any point and any country.

- 99.999% services uptime.



  • We do low cost domain registration!


  • We can create an elegant, custom-built website for you! You are the one who will set the price!


  • Add-on service which helps you to optimize your website and to understand how Search Engines work.


  • A branded SEO-On-Demand online marketing service that guarantees you high rank in the Search Engines.


  • L.A.M.P and Open source application management
  • Code Debugging & Fixing
  • Blog Site Building
  • WordPress Custom Design & Coding
  • Joomla website design
  • Drupal based Web services
  • Building an E-Commerce website

IPv4 & IPv6 Space

Choice of E-Commerce Platform

  • Get free e-commerce consultation. Ask us which CMS & Shopping Cart would work best for your website. Create Support Ticket with subject "E-Commerce site - Shopping cart and CMS".