We do IT hosting services, based on strong standards and follow the industry's best practices.

About Us

Welcome to Host Color. We know something that many other web hosting providers don't. Our business is about serving customers, not just about hosting websites, apps and servers or maintaining IT infrastructure. Anyone who uses Host Color's services can expect us to pay attention on details, to be precise in setting up and maintaining the computing capacity and instances. However, the most important thing is that we take our time to listen to our customers, to understand their business and comply with their requirements. Host Color's team members always do whatever they should, to do things exactly as our customers wanted them to be.

Our Business History

The Host Color's leadership has been managing IT Hosting businesses and infrastructures since 2000. We found a website service provider in Europe in 2000. At the end of the year we divided the business between two separate entities. The European one continued to operate as web development entity, while the U.S. entity has been transformed into a web hosting provider. HostColor.com has been founded on January 5th 2002.

Host Color started operating from a data center based out of Houston, Texas. At the end of 2002 we have decided that IT Hosting will be a primary business for Host Color in a long run. This made us to start building our own colocation data center.

We have established a presence in a facility located in South Bend, Indiana, a city, located 90 miles from Chicago. Since 2002 our main data center and the core infrastructure are based out of South Bend, IN. We also have servers and infrastructure in few more US states and in some European countries.

In December 2004 Host Color decided to launch an European hosting brand named Host Color Europe. Our European infrastructure is hosted in two (2) data centers - one in the Western part of Europe, located in Amsterdam. Netherlands and another located in Eastern Europe, in Sofia, Bulgaria (in facility owned by TelecityGroup). Those two points of presence allow our European entity to diversify IT hosting services and operations in order to serve customers in different geographic locations.

Host Color operates an Autonomy System AS46873 and its own Internet Protocol (IP) based network. The network is load-balanced with no single point of failure, powered by Juniper MX and J series routers, EX switches, secure services gateway appliances and other Juniper based networking equipment.

Connect to Host Color

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Doing Business with Host Color

You are always welcome to Host Color. In order to organize better our business relationship with you, we suggest you to take your time to read our General Service Level Agreement, Terms of Service and Acceptable Use of Policy.



  • 1. Fault-tolerant infrastructure with 99.995% availability
  • 2. APC/Schneider Electric DCIM solutions
  • 3. Juniper-based network, 100% uptime, SLA guarantee
  • 4. Midwest U.S. peering
  • 5. Responsive & friendly 24/7 support
  • 6. IT Hosting based on the best industry standards
  • 7. Enterprise class servers & components
  • 8. Fair priced hosting services
  • 9. 14 years experience in the industry
  • 10. Low cost, disaster recovery services
  • 11. Customer friendly Service Level Agreement


  • Leadership
  • Commitment
  • Business Continuity
  • Hard Work
  • Strong Standards



  • Level 3
  • Cogent
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Retn.net
  • Midwest Peering
  • Layer 2 Transport on demand


  • ARIN Member
  • AS46873
  • Juniper managed
  • IPv6 ready
  • Multiple Peers


  • APC/Schneider
  • OpenNebula Cloud
  • KVM Virtualization
  • CentOS
  • CloudLinux
  • cPanel/WHM
  • KSplice


  • Supermicro
  • Intel
  • Juniper
  • WD & Seagate