Unique Web Hosting Affiliate Program That Always Pays Good?

Web Hosting Affiliate

Host Color has just opened a new Affiliate Center and a new Affiliate Program. We have spent some time to discuss our affiliate model with customers and affiliates, and decide to come up with an affiliate program, which is very different from others.

Unlike other web hosting companies we pay not only for sales you make, but for unique visitors you send to our pages.

All popular affiliate programs are based on the presumption that businesses should pay to affiliates only when they bring them a customers. This is a fair model, but its business principle has been distorted a lot from some web hosting companies, mostly over sellers.

Most shared web hosting companies avoid to pay their affiliates for influence and for site popularity. They outsource to its affiliates the responsibility to make a sale and don't pay them for the marketing campaign and advertising affiliates do. Most of these web hosts do something, we don't tolerateр as a responsible business. They delay affiliate payments with more than 2 months, only to make sure that the orders they got are "clean" (to avoid any possible customer charge back). This is very unfair for affiliates because, when the web hosting company fails to keep the customer, affiliate who brought it does not get commission for the sale.

Host Color says that affiliates must not loose money only because their partner web hosting company is not able to meet customers' expectations.

Host Color Always Pays

Our web hosting affiliate program is unique and fair because it is based on a few important principles.

1. Affiliates who send us quality, web hosting targeted traffic get money, not only per sale, but for each unique visitor they bring to our pages. We add Reward points to your affiliate account for each unique visitor sent to Host Color through your affiliate ID. Every month we transform Reward points to real money.

2. Host Color always pays to affiliates that make sales. We do not outsource to you the responsibility of keeping the customer you send to us. It is our priority to keep customers, not yours. All you have to do is to send us consumers who need to use quality web hosting services. We suggest you to recommend them Multi Domain Hosting, ECommerce Hosting and Social Web Hosting service plans from Shared Hosting section. You always get your commission. Even if for some reason we fail to keep the customer.

3. You get real commission, not a promise. We add to your affiliate account 25% of the first payment customers you sent to us make on our website. You receive your commissions between 1st and 10th of the month, after the sales are made (Example: We pay the January commissions between Feb 1st and Feb 10th).

4. You can earn up to $99.75 per sale if you bring a new customer who signs up for a Dedicated Hosting (calculation is based to a commission per sale of Dedicated Power) or even more with other products and services that cost more than Dedicated Power. Pay special attention to our Unmetered Dedicated Servers. They will earn you a high commission per sale.

Unlike other web hosts who claim to pay their affiliates between 100% and 150% per sale, but use various tricks and impose restrictions that allows them to avoid paying affiliate commissions, we have a reasonable commission per sale. We give you 25% of our revenue. This is a fair commission that allows both sides to grow their business - we get new customers, you earn money by having partnership with a responsible web hosting provider.

Another thing that works for you is that we are innovative business. We create products, services and promotional campaigns that you can use to boost your sales. When your website visitors who search for web hosting come to Host Color, they see that we provide quality web hosting services that worth the money. Check About Us, Hosting Technology, and Business Philosophy and make your judgment whether Host Color can be trusted partner of yours.

We are sure you'll choose us because we care about our affiliates and never abandon partnerships we have already entered. When you are ready to join a community of successful web entrepreneurs please go to Web Hosting Affiliate Program and sign up.