Take advantage of the new Custom Hosting service. Design your own hosting plan.

New Customizable Hosting

HostColor.com has launched a new fully customizable U.S. based Shared Hosting service named Custom Hosting. It enables the website owners and customers of Host Color to design their own website hosting service plan. During the sign up they can add to shopping cart only those items they need to use and to optimize their costs for web hosting.

The Custom Hosting plan works best for small-business owners who manage more than one website. Webmasters can decide exactly how many websites to add to account by choosing from scale which grades from 1 to 20 hosted sites. They can also choose between IP-based (Dedicated IP Address) and Name-based (Shared IP address) hosting account.

The next two options in the Custom Hosting order page are disk space and bandwidth quotas. Our customers can start with 1 GB of disk storage and to scale up to 100 gigabytes of RAID 10 protected storage. The options in the bandwidth scale vary between 1 - 100 gigabytes of quality Internet bandwidth.

Another important advantage of the Custom Hosting plan is a service called CDN Site Accelerator. If the customer chooses a certain amount of CDN bandwidth, Host Color activates a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the account. The CDN makes possible for Internet users to open any website hosted in our network from a web server located near their physical location. It also automatically optimizes web pages to minimize the number of network connections, which makes them to load very fast on any web browser. The technology used by the CDN provider compresses the data on the websites and stops illegitimate requests, so the servers concentrate on legitimate traffic.

The users of Custom Hosting plan can also decide whether to use SSL certificate and SSH (Shell Access). They are also allowed to choose between a number of hosting management and site administration services such as cPanel to cPanel migration, Software Installation, Debugging & Fixes and Fully Managed Sh?red Account (FMSA). FMSA service allows the our customers to outsource the administration and management to Host Color.

Another option available in the Custom Hosting plan is an on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service called FastSEO. As a part of this service, a SEO professional reviews the customer's web pages and prepares a report which will helps the site owner to optimize the website for higher ranking in Search engine results pages.

Other customizable services part of the Custom Hosting plan are: POP3/IMAP E-mail accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and Subdomains.

Custom Hosting is the best small-business website solution offered by HostColor.com and one of the most advanced Shared Hosting service in the industry says our Martin Andreev, VP of Operations in the official new release sent by Host Color o the media. This plan gives our customers full control over the service, allows them to design their own Shared accounts, to optimize resource usage and to decrease their costs for web hosting, adds Mr. Andreev.

Campaign On 100 Mbps Unmetered Dedicated Servers

We have launched a promotional campaign on Unmetered Dedicated Servers hosted in its U.S. data center. Owners of high traffic websites are offered the opportunity to get Unmetered bandwidth on 100 Mbps Internet port for $399/month. To take advantage of the discounted price they have to use code 100MBPS. We also add a complimentary dedicated servers to the accounts of customers who sign up for the Dedicated 100 Mbps Unmetered.


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