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CDN Hosting Service Activated

We have sent a news release to web hosting media today, announcing that Host Color began adding CDN capabilities to Shared plans. We are planning to offer our customers a choice between three different CDN's. Two of them should be activated as optional paid services in Q1 and Q2 of 2012. The first CDN that has already been activated and is available to for all cPanel based Shared Accounts is CloudFlare. The basic service level of this content delivery network hosting solution is free.

The CloudFlare's CDN operates from fourteen (14) data centers worldwide. It makes possible for visitors of websites hosted in servers to open web pages from the nearest point to their physical location, which makes the website loading very fast on a web browser. The technology used by CloudFlare CDN compresses the data on the websites and stops illegitimate requests, so the servers concentrate on legitimate traffic.

There a few very important advantages of using the CloudFlare's CDN service on a Host Color's Shared Hosting. They feature: faster website load on web browsers, lower CPU usage, bot and threat protection, spam comments protection, alerting visitors of infected computers, and improved total website performance.

Our customers can activate the new CDN service very easy from the "Software/Services" section in their cPanel's "Domain Owner Panel". A test with the fist accounts which have activated CloudFlare on Host Color's servers showed that websites load very fast on a web browser. The also have a lower ping time from 60 major IT regions including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and more.

To learn more about the CloudFlare's CDN service please read the article How Do I activate CloudFlare CDN service on my Host Color account?