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It is a fine tradition Host Color to launch various promotional campaigns in months October, November and December, each year. Now we have released a promotional code to celebrate this year's Halloween. (read)

Now the customers of VPS Start get 384 MB RAM, 15 GB disc space and 150 GB monthly bandwidth. See what Host Color has done to increase the resources of your VPS hosting plan. (read)

It is very good opportunity to get truly powerful VPS for less. Now, sign up for VPS Advance, we double your resources to 1280 Mb RAM, 50 GB Disc Space and 500 GB Data transfer per month. (read)

This year we are a little bit late with our "Beach 2009" web hosting promotional campaign. Use the hosting coupon now and get 30% off all Shared accounts. (read)

We now offer promotional pricing on Plesk panel licenses to VPS Hosting customers. Install the latest version of Plesk on your Virtual Private Server and to pay license fee of only $5 per month. (read)

Host Color honors the American tradition of freedom and celebrates the Independence Day. Every year on July 4rt we launch a series of promotions and instant rebates to show our appreciation to our U.S. friends and custom (read)

Happy birthday Canada! We celebrate Canada's Day, the national day of the country by adding free .CA domain name to our Shared Hosting plans and Virtual Private Servers. (read)

Now you can get a Fully Managed VPS Hosting with our FM VPS service at half price for only $24.95 per month. See how to take advantage of the instant rebate. (read)

Host Color has changed its policy in Shared Hosting and virtually removed the monthly data transfer quotas for two of the most used website plans - "Web Mall", and "Multi Site". (read)

We have released some new hosting coupons and instant rebates on Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting services. Read the news to see what we do for you. (read)