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SlimStat WordPress Stats

"Faster loading of large amounts of data", option to "ignore hits from logged-in users", "better browser detection" and "support for anonymising IP addresses", these are only four of the version 2.2 of the SlimStat analytics, a website statistical application we would like to present.

It is not easy to find a decent Open Source alternative to the Google Analytics. There are a very few of them. We use to use Piwik and are looking forward to see Logaholic stats integrated into cPanel. Today we would like to target your attention to SlimStat a very nice website statistics application, which can be easily integrated into a WordPress Blog (WordPress Hosting).

SlimStat work on 3.0 or a higher version of the most popular blogging platform - WordPress. It also features an iPhone optimized interface. It can be installed on WordPress blog as a plugin. The official website of WP shows almost 150,000 downloads of the SlimStat WordPress plugin.

SlimStat WordPress Functionality

SlimStat claims to track "Human visitors" only. The "Visitors" tab in the WordPress plugin shows "Languages", "User Agents", "IP Addresses and Domains", "Operating Systems", "Screen Resolutions", "Screen Resolutions" with colodepth" (a n interesting indicator), "Visitors by country", "Browsers & OS" and "Visit Duration". The "Bounce Rate" is also visible in the section "Visitors" as well as in the dashboard.

The next tab "Traffic Sources" features very elegant display of visitor per domain and unique IPs. In the "Summary" section are displayed "Pageviews", "Unique Referrers", "Direct Visits", "Search Engines" and "Unique Pages Referred". In other sections the site owner can trace "Top Search Terms", "Top Countries", "Top Traffic Sources", "Top Search Engines", "Sites" and "Recent Search Terms and Pages".

The next section is named "Content" and measures what kind of content the website's visitors use. The statistical tabs displayed feature "Recent Bounce Pages", "Recent Feeds", "Recent 404 pages", "Recent Internal Searches", "Top Categories", "Recent Outbound Links" and "Top Exit Pages". The last indicator "Recent Outbound Links"is a very convenient tool for the owner of the website to track the quality of the links placed on the website.

Other sections of the SlimStat Analytics feature "Raw Data" and a very elegant visitors' map named "Word Map". There is also "Custom Reports" option, which allows the user to create and view personalized analytics for Wordpress SlimStat. The statistical application also features various filters such as "By Browser", "By Domain", "By IP" and more. If you are WordPress user you will like the SliStat app. After installing it, please just take you time to find out how to optimize the performance of SlimStat.

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