Accelerate your website and block security threats. Activate CloudFlare CDN on your Host Color account from free!

Accelerate Your Website

Host Color has activated CloudFlare Content delivery network (CDN) for all account holder in december 2011 (read more in the news "Activate CDN on your account. Accelerate the speed of your website!"). Since then all customers of ours who have activated the content delivery network reported:

  • A number of security threats blocked by CloudFlare
  • Strengthen security for all blogs and websites powered by WordPress CMS
  • Faster website loading time from all over the world
  • Fast Loading Websites

    See the average loading time for all websites hosted on Host Color's network that activated CloudFlare CDN.

    The image displays the average loading time for a website hosted on a Virtual Private Server, part of Host Color's network. This particular website has a huge benefit from CloudFlare CDN as it has a global audience. The CDN helps the owner to reduce the website loading for Asian Internet users from 251 ms to just 3.5 ms for its Singapore users, from 217 ms to just 1.4 ms for its Hong Kong based audience, from 175 ms to 6 ms for Japanese visitors, and from 272 ms to 49 ms for Indonesian Internet users.

    European visitors of the website tested above lower their RTT from 102 ms to 1.7 ms for Amsterdam, from 124.7 ms to just 0.7 ms for paris, from 94.6 ms to 7.6 ms for London, from 13.5 ms to 11.1 ms for Munich, from 138.1 ms to 50.7 for Madrid, from 148.4 ms to 14 ms for Zurich, from 138.6 ms to 63.9 for Lisbon, from 124.7 ms to 25.9 for Budapest, from 167.3 ms to 40.8 ms for Istanbul, from 162.2 ms to 63.6 ms for Athens, from 159.5 ms to 47.1 ms for Moscow.

    Our customers have also reported that they get less unwanted visitors (boots, web spammers, etc. ).

    If you want to activate CloudFlare CDN on your Web Hosting account, use discount code CDNHOSTING to get 20% off the list price. We have extended the life of discount code until July 31, 2012. Enjoy!


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